Hour of Slack #1711 - Philo, Bleepo and Onan Own an Airwave


It's Old Coots Night again, but this time we mix it up with music and radio theater. Rev. Priest has a very catchy new song, "I'm a SubGenius Preacher;" Morgan Gutentag has a song with a gimmick; The Psycho Skeletons have a new instrumental from Beyond; and we hear a classic Bleepo Abernathy Earworm, "On and Off the Road with "Bob." Bleepo whips out a Firesign Theatre-influenced "radio bit" he did in 1979 with The Duke of Madness, a Boston DJ at the time, and premieres a new Bleepo Earworm. Philo, Bleepo and Stang have all been doing radio literally for decades, and yet they still ramble on. We hear true tales of losing and gaining family farms to Snidely Whiplash and Jasper Johns. Philo has skeletons on his farm. Philo has new albums coming and runs potential album names by us. Church Secrets are revealed (yawn) and old survivors bemoan our younger friends who were untimely snatch'd from this Vale of Tears and Yuks. The Firesign Theatre and other weird radio theater comedy is discussed. There is a break for Dr. Onan Canobite's latest "Advice to Rev. Funnyname" epistle! Local horror hosts and kiddie show hosts are bragged on. Cripes, these three codgers might as well be sitting on a bench outside the old courthouse, whittlin', spittin', and bullshittin'. N' diddlin' chickens n' guit-fiddlin'.

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro896 00:35

2 Rev Priest - I'm A SubGenius Preacher 03:47

3 Stang Intro 01:03

4 Philo and Bleepo - SubG Internet-Family Farms 05:53
A) 1983: first mention of SubG on Internet - early "Bob" news. "Bob" wrote "BUY APPLE" on a sidewalk and Dr. Tilles saw it. The farm Bleepo's famiy lost. / Stang's grandparents' house now owned by Jasper Johns. Stang and Bleepo want to buy back ancestral homes. Philo's farm has a civil war graveyard! Could dig 'em up-- COULD do a LOTTA things.

5 LeMur - Soldier_Boys 00:23

6 Philo and Bleepo - Philo's New Album Names 04:39
B) Philo has to name an album. Philo planning to start selling his CDs. People don't buy CDs any more. Philo discusses website that makes CDs cheap for you - home-burned CDs aren't very stable. Cheap CDs vs name brand, same with cassettes except Scotch and BASF. Philo's old albums to be reissued, plus new compilations. Album Name Possibilities: Music to Frop By. Philo's Xmas Party. "Bob's" Favorite Sun. Stinkface. Nose Runs, Feet Smell. Grooming Utinsil Blues. The Very Best of Dr. Drummond. Dr. Drummon's Examination Room. Church in a Barn. Look for those albums coming out shortly.

7 Morgan Gutentag - He Only Has Maracas 01:16

8 Creds Morgan Gutentag to Philo-Bleepo 00:23

9 Philo and Bleepo - Ed Sullivan approach to HoS-Bleepo intros Jerry Goodwin tape 02:01
E) Recorder says we've been yakking for hour and half. Most Johnny Carson HoS ever. Ed Sullivan approach.Collage/blabber/music. Bleepo has intro for Jerry Goodwin aka "The Duke of Madness" (named after TFT) -- early 1980s

10 Bill Kates (Rev. Bleepo Abernathy) and Jerry Goodwin (The Duke of Madness) - Highway Madness episode: Pwudgias (1979) 03:01

11 Philo and Bleepo - Early Subs-Young die-Disease Hate-to Bleepo earworms 03:48
F) Scissor space. Stang on the works of Bleepo. 2nd Phase SubG -- Bleepo, Hal, Nenslo saw it in Weirdo Magazine. Crumb, Jay Kinney. Lou Stathis at Heavy Metal. Died. Tim McGinnis died... hate diseases more than Conspiracy. Killing young people! Younger than me! Yet ancient mummies like GGG and Zafod still kickin' around. Phooey. Bleepo credits Church with kickstarting some immortal genes in him. There will always be people with Bleepo Earworms

12 Rev. Bleepo Abernathy - On and Off the Road with "Bob" 02:36

13 Philo and Bleepo - B's new song-Kates Fam - Telegram-dobbts.town 05:30
G) Bleepo's latest "I Could Run You All Over with My Car" -- performs it. Will have orchestrated version soon. How do you do that singing thing? Singing lessons and Broadway shows. Bleepo's grandma was a mimic who imitated everyone in the neighborhood. Her sister wrote HESTER STREET, which is partly about Bleepo's grandmother's family. Philo met some Kates or Cates. Owned Philo's property. Bleepo is related to Philo's skeletons in his graveyard! soundpup.com is Bleepo's pro sound guy website. The Mature Gentleman's Group on Telegram. 5 or 6 super cool people - Onan, Philo, Spinx, John Hagen-Brenner. Dobbs.town, new forum, has 600 people thanks to Stang's bulk mail list. Have to moderate it?

14 Credit Psycho Skels 00:22

15 The Psycho Skeletons - Get That Hate Out 02:37

16 Philo and Bleepo - Internet SG trivia-Firesign and film - Horror hosts-ROKO SG channel XX 09:04
H) Philo looking up "Bill Kates" - Telegram is app like Discord. Can't keep track of GOD DAMNED things. Private messaging app. Too many messaging apps. Telegram is elite! FUCK! I have to get something new? Can't keep up... Scrubgenius list is more thoughtful than any of the other ones. Susie the Floozie and Stang moderate it. Members only. Susie kicks out Churls. Churlish people, "How dare you make fun of SHIT now?" Firesign, inspired by Goon show, inspired by Flanders and Swann. Firesign were hippies, felt lucky to do albums, weren't ambitious like Monty Python. Peter Bergman's Showchron film editing machines. Bergman was the old school film guy. Lip-synced a film to a spoken word album, EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG. Same DP as on E.T. Promo film for the album -- too hard to see, midnight movies maybe once a year. Back before the damn YouTube. Never expected to see Icky Twerp intro again. The horror host and kiddie show guy in Ft. Worth that Stang and Drummond grew up with. The great Bill Camfield. Local horror hosts -- Bleepo befriended Chuck McCann. Bleepo on Chuck McCann on WPIX in NY. Stang and Philo's Ft. Worth hovie hosts. Bleepo knew Zacherly. Philo's friend Mister Lobo

17 Credits - ARISE to Onans Epistle 00:30
18 Uncle Dr. Onan Canobite - EPISTLE ON HEAVEN AND HELL (Advice to Rev. Funnyname) 06:46

19 Philo and Bleepo - -website plugs, subsite frozen 02:23
I) Bleepo does self-plug, soundpup.com - Philo's QuiveringBrain.com website defies all rules of good website design. SubGenius.com frozen in place, archive. Stang can no longer keep up with the thousands of FB art posts. Just sit back and enjoy it, like Old Chevrolets.

20 LeMur - PR Gnus #2007 00:49
21 Philo and Bleepo - Thanks-Eyiyi-Can't turn it off 01:46
L) Thanks for being on show -- go EYIYIYIYI Will send copy. Can't turn it off! Quit Facetime but still on. They're GONE! 2:01 -- 11 in Cleveland! Could call WCSB and get on Dr. Sinister!

22 Stang Outro PO URL 00:30

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