Hour of Slack #1723 - The Little Engine That Might Have, But Can't Remember

60:14 (radio 59:16)

This one's pretty rant-heavy. Onan advises Rev. Funnyname, and reads from SubGenius Pamphlet #1. Rev. Stang reads from Ken's Guide to The Bible and from a Hypercube rant. Dr. Hal and Dr. Philo Drummond do "show" at the 21X-Day Drill. Music comes from Chip the Black Boy and The Psycho Skeletons.

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1 Lemur - The_Hick_Doc 00:23
2 Lemur - HOS_Intro880 00:18
3 Lemur - PR_Gnus1994 00:16
4 Chip The Black Boy - Am I Weird Streaks Remix 01:46
5 Rev. Dr. Onan Canobite - IS "BOB" GREEDY? 02:03
6 Stang Creds and Explan 02:17
7 Dr. Hal and Dr. Drummond at 21X-Day - Bulldada Auction A3-a 10:12
8 Onan Canobite - READING FROM PAMPHLET ONE 08:05
9 Lemur - Walk_on_the_Wild_Frog1 00:22
10 Ken's Guide to the Bible read by Stang 09:27
11 Dr. Hal and Dr. Drummond at 21X-Day - Bulldada Auction A3-b 07:01
12 Lemur - PR_Gnus1992 00:53
13 Lemur - Short_Songs11 00:10
14 Dr. Hal and Dr. Drummond at 21X-Day - Bulldada Auction A3-c 08:14
15 creds Hal-Philo to Psycho 00:58
16 the Psycho Skeletons - Slack In Phase 02:08
17 cred psycho to now this 00:06
18 Stang reads Hypercube rant from freethink mag 03:53
19 UrL and etc end 00:34
20 Lemur - Talk_About_Sufferin2 00:59

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