Hour of Slack #1727 - To Zebras, Lions Are The Conspiracy

Radio: 59:56 Internet: 70:26

Another Cleveland-style episode featuring that incomparable one-of-a-kind American natural resource, Lonesome Cowboy Dave. No one else on the whole planet talks even remotely like he does. He's kept in the can for the first half hour, though, which has new and old media barrages, mash-ups and insane conversational bouts from older SubGenius radio shows. Contributors (some inadvertent) include LeMur, Bill McClintock, Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Hal, ESO Swamp Radio with Chas Smith, LC Dave, Dr. Legume and Stang, The Psycho Skeletons, Sister Melodious Chops (with Princess Wei), and Pope Sternodox, with a long unpublished rant by Rev. Stang and new audio collages by Rev. Silas Janzen. The rest of the show is one of those conversations with Lonesome Cowboy Dave for which we can think of no other radio talk show comparison. For better or worse, there is nothing else like Lonesome Cowboy Dave.

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1 LeMurHOS_Intro202 00:19
2 Charleston intro 00:10
3 LeMur - PR_Gnus1807 00:49
4 Stang on old Media Barrage - Predictions Montage 01:38
5 Bill McClintock - Mashup of The Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter" -Rick James' "Give it to Me Baby" 03:48
6 Puzzling Evidence: WAR-SGBeachParty-JFK 01:34
7 HoS 546-Stang rants from Revelation X with Hendrix bg 08:22
8 Lemur - Get_Back_Gilligan1 00:28
9 Silas Janzen - endtimeshuffle 01:48
10 ESO Swamp Radio 41902f-Anti-Canada-BuyAmer X 03:52
11 ESO Swamp Radio 41902g-CanadaEnemyLeghum 04:04
12 Lemur - PR_Gnus1309 00:16
13 the Psycho Skeletons - Pushing My Agenda 02:00
14 Silas Janzen seenothing 01:41

15 Live at WCSB 2019-05-17 28:54

Stang does credits. History of 1980s SubG shows -- Puz Ev, HoS etc. Stang packing up the old SubG master cassettes to take to Texas, safe from Dave. Dave feeling hellious. Dave and Stang's common pain. Dave saw local punk band cover one of Dave's old Chronics song "Test Tube Baby." Dave steamed his underpants. Something about Karl Marx as tryptophan mummy cooked goose. Dave is to that punk band like Dio is to Tenacious D. They want his crown. Child hammers and thing lickers? Stang flattered by station CD player set to "single." Show always needs a rug of music to be pulled out from under Dave. Egg carton sound improvement. Rug there to make the PRAT sound when they pull the rug and Dave's back hits floor. The percussion loop made from the recording of the sound of Pastor Craig's scapula breaking in an X-Day wrestling accident. Get famous and be on Sirius radio and Facebook. Hour of Slack being heard through Facebook horrifies Dave. Background music: Japanese Irish Jig from Monster Hunter. Multiple wars supposed to break out any second now - John Bolton Vs. Iran, still oil in Iran. Why rich people so acquisitive? Animals try to increase territory -- the circle of life and cruelty and bullies and alpha males: the Conspiracy. To the zebras, the lions are The Conspiracy. To lions, hyenas are The Con. Pet hyena raised like dog acted like dog. Hyenas and foxes don't make good pets. Stang as poop-spotter, IDing spoor with the Whose Crap App. Race-spotting Poop App. Weird artists who go unwashed for a year -- the career of tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE. The craziest of all the SubG artists, but has prospered and done well with his art. Genius in France, Iceland. Dave on Icelandic vitreous gasses and Bjork. Icelandic cuisine steamed in toxic volcanic gasses. Anything we say enough becomes the truth. The Big Lie and household knowledge. Stang starts quoting little-known Bible quotes. God forbids tattoos. We considered Dobbshead tattooed on one's heel or on thumb. Dobbshead on inside of eyelid -- people with giant tats of "Bob" always end up hating the Church and "Bob." The more obvious the Dobbs tattoo, the surer that you will come to regret it. Crazy rules and stories from the Bible (from Ken's Guide to the Bible). Women suspected of adultery must drink dirty water. Dave can't believe Stang is reading from the Bible. Stang on the wild sf and gore of the Bible. Incest in the Bible. The Lord as bloodthirsty killer. What a barbaric tome. Gripping the testicles = you shall cut off her hand. Stang was raised by a Bible expert who decided it was all fiction from top to bottom. Interested folks can check off to subgenius.com. Somebody bought Neighborworld. Who HASN'T bought one. Stang's alarm says time to end the show and give pills to Stang and dog.

16 Live Continued - end of show and extra 02:38
Pills come in peanut butter. Praise "Dave" in the swamp. Is he gone? Dave always hangs up. Stang says Sinister is running late so he can play Marriage of "Bob" and Connie.

17 Sister Melodious Chops - Marriage of Bob & Connie 04:33
18 Sterno & Janor - You can be deprogrammed 02:07
19 Lemur - PR_Gnus2001 00:59
20 Lemur - Bob_Song1021 00:19

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