Hour of Slack #1728 - Rerun of 1171 (2008) - Intercourse with SubGeniuses


Rev. Susie the Floozie, Dr. Hal, Rev. Stang and Lonesome Cowboy Dave commit real intercourse, recorded live at 11X-Day Drill, "2008," in between collages by F. LeMur, Dr. Phineas Narco and N. Pref. Robert Anton Wilson discusses tomkookery among conspiracy buffs. Songs by Bob Walkenhorst and Gary G'Bruagfran heat up the show and help prevent cramps.

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LOG of THIS EPISODE:17 Sister Melodious Chops - Marriage of Bob & Connie 04:33
18 Sterno & Janor - You can be deprogrammed 02:07
19 Lemur - PR_Gnus2001 00:59
20 Lemur - Bob_Song1021 00:19

1 Frankenstein ST - It's Alive! 00:11
2 LeMur: HOS Intro #789 - Spray WD-40 00:18
3 Frankenstein ST - Scream, Growl & Scream 00:03
4 Live HoS - Polygamy-Drummond 03:58
5 Robert Anton Wilson: "Conspiracy Coincidence Syndrome" from RAW Explains Everything CD 06:32
6 Credits RAW 2 lemur 00:42
7 LeMur: Ellery Queens #03 - Lady Spectator 00:27
8 Frankenstein ST - That Body is Not Dead 00:12
9 Live HoS - Bobtism, SquidFuck 03:45
10 LeMur: Ellery Queens #02 - Illegal Entry 00:33
11 Live HoS - Cat In Hat--Seuss 04:44
12 Frankenstein ST - The Brain of a Dead Man 00:07
13 Rev. Norel Pref: this is a down radio 00:36
14 Cred Norel 00:05
15 Live HoS - X-Days Past - Fire - "Bob" 05:08
16 Frankenstein ST - The Brain is Useless 00:06
17 It's Bob 00:03
18 Rev. Norel Pref: the mothers and the babies 00:40
19 Live HoS - Steve Chekey - X-Day Enemy List 05:44
20 credit 2 Walkenhorst 00:19
21 Bob Walkenhorst: "Fool's Gold" 05:51
22 Live HoS - New Age - Xists - Sex Change 02:07
23 Gary G'broagfran: "X-Day SonG" 01:57
24 credit Gary 2 SubGHist 00:17
25 Live HoS - Passing the SubGenius History Course 04:52
26 Rev. Norel Pref: please write to me 00:38
27 LeMur: Centers For Diseased People #04 - New Treatments 00:19
28 KOA Denver -03-Stang2c- Wei Stalker - Masons 05:19
29 Credit & URL 00:21
30 Phineas Narco: Reflection of Self 02:25
31 cred Phineas , end 00:13
32 Rev. Norel Pref: have a good eternity 00:40

Live X-Day stage recordings by Pater Nostril

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