Hour of Slack #1729 - The Puzzling Evidence Show Reacts to the SubGenius Documentary

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They loved it. So far, Sandy Boone's feature length documentary film "J.R. "Bob" Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius" has only been shown at three film festivals, but every showing has been very successful in terms of turnout, audience response, and SubGenius Doktor approval. EVEN PAUL MAVRIDES likes it! EVEN DOUG WELLMAN!! These are the pickiest possible audiences! Stang and Sandy Boone are greatly relieved. The San Francisco Doktors, and Sandy, attended the showing and did a Q&A with audience later. THEN, a bunch of them did a FIVE-HOUR RADIO SHOW at KPFA, encompassing both the Over the Edge slot and the Puzzling Evidence slot in the wee hours of Friday morning. We extracted all talk about the movie (and often subsequent tangents) from the first three hours, and those excerpts comprise the first half hour of this episode. Participants are Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Hal, Phineas Narco, Michael Peppe (I think), and a male and a female that are not identified. Those clips are interspersed with collages by recent new contributor Rev. Silas Janzen. The second half hour of the show is the usual standard ordinary everyday garden-variety conversation between hosts Rev. Stang and Princess Wei and Eternal Special Guest Caller Lonesome Cowboy Dave.

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"PE" means The Puzzling Evidence Show from KPFA-Berkeley on May 31, after the SubGenius movie showing. Participants are Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Hal, Phineas Narco, Michael Peppe, and a female voice as yet unidentified.

1 LeMur: HOS_Intro743 00:36
2 Silas Janzen collage: CUT20-democracy laugh 01:28
3 LeMur: Bob_Song1010 00:33
4 Silas Janzen collage:CUT21-world getting worse 02:03
5 PE BM vs SG 00:43
6 Stang's Intro Explanation 02:23
7 PE-Post-Movie 2 Peas 02:50
8 LeMur: Babies_01 00:23
9 PE-Post-Movie-friends-Yeti Trump 03:46
10 LeMur: PR_Gnus1300 00:46
11 PE-Movie-PapaJoe-Bush booed 04:47
12 Lemur: Short_Songs02 00:07
13 PE-Movie good sfx-LIES hair 02:42
14 Silas Janzen collage: CUT22 01:21
15 PE Sandy did movie good 01:30
16 Silas Janzen collage:CUT23 02:00
17 PE-Movie good 00:49

18 Stang, Dave, Wei on WCSB Live 2019_06_02 30:24
Stang credits the movie editor: Lauren Sanders. Dave calls - the movie made him take off his underpants. Anything Wei reads sounds Wei-read. Her voice like the Castrati living down by the river. Why become Castrati? For singing. Best choir in the tri-state area… used the oatmeal-rubber band method. The Castrati high voice in bg music is Nenslo. Trumpty Trumpty sat on a wall, Trumpty Trumpty had his colon bag fall. Why does Dave hurt poor Trump's feelings and all his snowflakes? Trump farts from his mouth. Their show was SO San Francisco. The Californicates saw the movie, sell out crowd, movie very well received. Stang has a tiny little bit of an ego. Lee-go my ego. When a distributor picks it up, Stang can start playing audio clips on HoS. It's good even without Dave and Wei. Only very old people even know what Snail Mail is. Dave on G5. Gee whiz. When the Internet doesn't work, who cares, we have goats. The eating of goats. Stang and Wei attended the 50th Hessler Street Fair in Cleveland, saw old hippies, now Wei is a famous hippie elder. Starwood coming up July 9! President Vermin Supreme will be there. Stang and Vermin's ex-wives. John Shirley the horror/sf writer and rockstar will be there. Starwood and X-Day. The details of beaming the Wisteria campground up onto a saucer since it's connected to McElligott's pond and the hollow earth ocean. Hipsters and big Spock ears. Look fetching on aging GILFs. SubGs get a price break on Starwood despite being the one group that believes the least, get in the cheapest. All of SubG and Starwood directors married. Miserlou in the background; Stang describes the Amino Acids 1-minute surfpunk version. Wei, Stang, Hal, will all be partying in S. Ohio. Then DEVOtional at end of July - Bob II Mothersbaugh will be there. Mark, Bob, Amy and cousin Al. Stang on Massive Hotdog Recall and other rock bands using trombone as main solo instrument, like Swinging Love Corpses. Dave on tromboners and 1994 ska trombone, like Col. Sphinx Drummond. It's "NOW" - whoo! Let's live in the NOW! What's on TV in the now? Dave and the Godzilla movie and Iron Sky. Movies tell us what They are about to do in real life. Civil War between east and west? Between stupid and smart. 1 smart person can do more damage than 30 stupid people, but they lay back and enjoy life like "Bob." 60s fake Hawaiian music. Dave's experiments, before stopped by Anti-Vivisectionists League and PETA and the U.N. Dave's now a Canadian citizen living in Canadia and has royal blood of the illyad and the idiots, all related to Queen Elizabeth- all Anglos are inbred royals, even Duck Dynasty guys, with the Tsar's and Hanovers. The THE ARISTOCRATS movie and joke. Penn Jillette is in the SubG movie a lot, talks good. Stang's SubG documentary is 47 hours long now. Stang praises Lauren Sanders the editor… her butt not yet worked off; ladies of the SubG movie told Stang that it was in bad taste for him to talk about their looks. But it was noticeable. A gang of powerful headstrong smart women, but also… CENSORED. HoS sign off and explanation of movie. The potential haters of the movie. subgenius.com and Neighborworld, videos, much to be learned, every Hour of Slack, with ESO Swamp radio, the art, the scars, the mental illnesses, the suicide attempts -- the light and dark sides. A cross section that's fair because it includes lots of stupid stuff too. Box 807 Glen Rose TX 76043.

19 the Psycho Skeletons - Think Before You Act 03:10

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