Hour of Slack #1730 - 1000 Starwoods Under My Nutsack

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Last week, the mysterious Cleveland band known as 100,000 Leagues Under My Nutsack revealed themselves (himself, actually: Maxar Berezium) on Dr. Sinister's WCSB show, Radio Synaesthesia, which follows Hour of Slack on Sunday nights. Three unexpectedly PRETTY songs by are unveiled, along with some funny interview excerpts. (Stang and Wei were impressed.) Also excerpted from earlier WCSB shows is an interview about Starwood Festival with four of its organizers, extracted from the Sustainable Love Corporation show. Other new music includes a killer cut from an Al Mothersbaugh solo album, and a Rev. Jimi Ryan instrumental (a bit of a Hendrix tribute). Collages by LeMur and Rev. Silas Janzen add even more of the requisite trippiness. And then Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in to discuss (separately) underground comix artists and the end of another short-lived Democracy fad. Thanks to Stang's expert clean-up editing, only WCSB listeners who caught this episode live will know how many technical screw-ups we suffered.

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1 LeMur: HOS Intro #877 - Spinning Fanfare 00:32
2 LeMur: PR Gnus #1995 00:42
3 Stang Intro 00:52
4 100,000 Leagues Under My Nutsack-07-We Really Don't Like You 03:20
5 Radio Synaesthesia - intro Nutsack 02:06
6 100,000 Leagues Under My Nutsack-11-Nutsack Religiousous 03:04
7 100,000 Leagues Under My Nutsack-NutsackReligious - witches 02:10
8 Silas Janzen aweinspiringstuff 02:38
9 Al Mothersbaugh - Jesus Stealer XX 03:02
10 cred Al Mothersbaugh 2 Lemur 01:15
11 LeMur: Stretch My Rubber #3 00:13
12 Silas Janzen collage: teamplan X 01:18
13 100,000 Leagues Under My Nutsack-Time to Sell Your Soul 03:12
14 100,000 Leagues Under My Nutsack-Nutsack Vs. No Money Mark 01:51
15 LeMur: Taps 98 00:45
16 WCSB Live 20190-5-29-Starwood interview 14:05
Interviewees are St. Joe Rothenberg, Rev. Steve Scynic, Regis Sedlock, and Grant Marquis of A.C.E., on The Sustainable Love Corporation show on WCSB. Stang calls in. Good description of SubG/Starwood cross-fertilization.

17 Stang, Dave, Wei on WCSB Live 6-9-2019 17:28
The Lonesome Cowboy Dave game. Stang respects all denominations especially tens and twenties. Robert Crumb and Gilbert Shelton and Hessler Street Fair -- counterfeit Keep On Truckin' - underground cartoonists, all relatives of ours - Stang brags: Gilbert Shelton was in our band one night, didn't know our rules. Can't play an instrument you know how to play, in this band. Paul Mavrides drew and co-wrote Furry Freak Bros. Heterosexual name, not that we make any sexual distinctions at all. Photo of Stang having dinner with Crumb 100 years ago. Crumb drew portrait -- strangely stumpy and pencil-necked. Dave knows Stumpy! Crumb loves old music, hates everything else. SubG doc makers wanted to interview Crumb but he said he's too old and didn't have anything to do with Church except as a fan. Those guys are all pretty old -- Mavrides and Dr. Hal among the youngest, and they're teetering, dribbling, drooling, decrepit. We'll get our country back in 300,000 years when future beings will have to rediscover democracy. That short lived fad is being erased as all dictators gang up. Tojo, Mussolini and Hitler just needed to wait another 80 years. Thanks to Facebook the Third Reich and fascism are the new comin' thing. Fascism has been the norm, with only brief lights of democracy or Age of Reason that would flicker briefly in the darkness. In the darkness the leaders encourage the people to imagine the demons in the dark -- horrible things they've never seen, called immigrants. Most of the upset people never met one. Small towns where everybody's mostly alike. Dave on diversity as RealPolitik. Agricultural workers must be illegals and all voting Democrat. Sharia law in Ashtabula Ohio! Muslimes under every bed waiting to be released by Hilary and triggered to steal all the apple pie from Amerikee. Voter fraud mostly by Trump voters. Stang saw so many dystopian scifi, once thought Planet of the Apes SCARY whereas it now looks like a pretty nice scenario compared to everything looking ugly for a thousand years. Dave plugs his novel Neighborworld. Dave and Grampa Hitler in the institution, talks to God and listens to Hour of Slack. All 2000 episodes available at subgenius.com and 10,000 weird pictures. Stang is a Fontleroy of our nexus! Dad and Mommy attended the Nasal Academy. Timing of this whole evening was set three minutes off by some mystery dead air Wei letting Dr. Sinister in. Music in background is Cyberchump. Intro Jimmy Ryan, Eyiyiyiyi.

18 Jimmy Ryan - Skychurch 02:03
19 Silas Janzen collage: CUT27 01:11
20 Starwood interview continued 02:46

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