Hour of Slack #1731 - The Internet-Driven Stupidization of Ameristan

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Second half is live WCSB studio bejabberment; Stang was excited due to reading Neal Stephenson's brand-new science fiction novel, FALL, which is partly about the Internet turning all the stupid people of Earth much, much more stupid. (And it is HIDEOUSLY plausible, especially considering the USA's last three years.) Some actual ranting happens, quite spontaneously. Before that there's lots of Lemurian collage, and music by 100,000 Leagues, Al Mothersbaugh, The Psycho Skeletons and others.

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1 Lemur - HOS_Intro875 00:40
2 Lemur - PR_Gnus1988 00:54
3 Lemur - Short Songs #13 - Up To Me 00:04
4 the Psycho Skeletons - Hipsterband Alert 02:02
5 Credits 01:18
6 Lemur - Yankee Pony 00:34
7 Al Mothersbaugh - Source 02:52
8 Lemur - This_Land02 00:19
9 Bulldada Auction 7-6-2017-A-3 05:11
10 100000 Leagues Under My Nutsack - The Land of Ziggity Boo 05:10
11 Lemur - PR_Gnus1894 00:34
12 Puzzling Evidence with Dr. Hal, Phones Narco - Good Documentaries-Dolphin attack 04:07
13 Lemur - War_Guniea_Pigs 00:50

14 Stang-Dave-Wei-Live WCSB 2019-6-16 34:55
Stang does credits. Elvis Martini "Bob" quote re: those goats. Stang does stupid thing, he and Wei discuss the problem of calling others "stupid" when unable to spell the word "stupid;" "our Numa-Numa tribute and "Your stupid" criticism. Now it's normal for news proofreaders to blow off such suchs, but the Pres himself. Stang describes premise and reads from Neil Stephenson's new novel "FALL" regarding the stupidization of America caused by the Internet or "Miasma." Stephenson's divided America of 2040 -- Blue Cities vs. Ameristan. Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in, griping of his bad cell phone. Stang reassures him that he doesn't need to understand anything, since we never do anyway. They believe the Pres's pictures of the ship proving Iran attack? How can anyone be stupider than a SubGenius?!? Stang tells Dave of his jealousy of Neil Stephenson. More quotes from FALL re: flight of medical pros from Ameristan fundies who believe everything they see on the Internet. The card that explains how conversations really work in the new world! (From "Speech is aggression" to "Stupidity is power.") So now we're back at the beginning, the Dark Ages. Prescient book like Neighborworld. Somebody hit Dave in the head with a brick in the 1980s in the Navy (crazy story) - Dave's rough life as a Brick-Head Navy Cowboy. The Submarine morons were sub-sub-geniuses. Discovery of ancient underground aqueducts for fire trucks. People getting stupider! Wow! First time I remember hearing that on this show! Were there towns in the 1880s?!? Ancient towns of North vs. ancient SPANISH towns of the Southwest. The Revolutionary War soldiers were also promised 40 acres and a mule? White poebuckers got gypped, I mean, TRUMPED?!? (Uses of "Trump" as cusswords.) Trumpty Dumpy is sphere-shaming. TRUMP calls people STUPID!!! LOL!!! Stang suspects Trump is not blessed at all, but cursed with insecurity: being born rich the worst thing that can happen to you: "little more than a moron". Little more than little. If we could work up to moron level, we could pole-vault up to the idiot level. At least I'm not a vegetable -- don't put me back in the beet ward! I won't do it again! Dave does poem-- from old song "Kill Talk" of his old band The (Radio Alarm) Clocks. Smudging the house to keep the ghosts and tax man out, sage, holy words and tiger poop. Tiger excrement as expensive, rare, endangered varmint repellent. Stang's X-Day zoo: larger than Earth, no people, everything natural… in TWO WEEKS! Dr. Hal gets here in 2 weeks, then we pack, drive all day, spend money… price of X-day. The Illuminatti and Al Queda don't advertise what their dues are. We joined the wrong hate religion. They just draw funny pictures and say mean things. In Club America we're dishwashers, cooks, toilet swabbers for the swells. Stang was videographer of Club America, higher level of servant. Registering guns… you can be as insane as you want, you can buy a gun. Buying a handgun in Texas -- hilarity at the idea of "registering." In Texas you can strap a gun to your head. Holsters on each ear. In Texas everything's legal except sickness. Stang BITTER rant on health care system in Texas… Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome -- move to Washington! Texans will forget what we just said in two months because everything's been Facebooked. Why do you have to remember history, because there's always a funny new cat or dog video on Facebook! And society is inoculated against any revolutionary idea, so everything will always be stupid forever! Only a crazy cult for fun that made you laugh at the sickness long enough not to kill yourself -- Church of the Rubpenis, or Clutch of the SclubNemius? Praise Bub? Praise Bubba? Church of Bubba? I'moana join that Church of the SlugGemuses. Strange Dave rant. "Stupidity is power!" Sign up on the Miasma for Sclubgenlius dot com? I tried all the spellings. Sob Geemouse… SLOBGENIUS!But WHO IS VERMIN SUPREME? Stang does Starwood ad for Vermin at Starwood: MegaPhinics, History of Humor and Satire, at Starwood July 9-15. Also: SubGenius Figures (not so inviting), Stang, John Shirley, Hal Robins, Phat ManDee, Oberon Zell… angels have a job for us at subgenius.com

15 Stang-Dave-Wei-extra end yak 03:59

16 Silas Janzen CUT26 01:00

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