Hour of Slack #1732 - Skipper "Bob" Dobbs and Chicken Caccia-TwentyTwo-re

Internet version: 68:45 Radio Version: 59:57 (lacks last two tracks)

We're gearing up for X-Day by playing some great stuff that was recorded two X-Day Drills ago, in 2017, but forgotten when Stang and Wei then moved to Texas. (Lots more of that unheard footage to come, too!) This includes part of a show with Dr. Hal, Rev. Stang and Dr. Onan Canobite, and a great new "Bob" song that Onan created in the form of a sea shanty, and taught to the X-Day audience. Dave calls in and joins Stang and Wei in a long-ranging discussion about everything; Dr. Sinister joins in near the end. Also: 100,000 Leagues Under my Nutsack, Psycho Skeletons, and a really rare Bob Walkenhorst song, "Broken Radio."

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LOG of THIS EPISODE: 1 Lemur - HOS_Intro873 00:36
2 Rev. Susie the Floozie X-Day collage 1 12:20
3 Lemur - PR_Gnus1889 00:42
4 100,000 Leagues Under My Nutsack - Everyone Here is Going to Die 03:56
5 Lemur - Worst_Folk_Music8 00:30
6 Stang-Hal-Onan at 20X-Day-2017-7-4 Pt 1 09:01

7 Stang, Dave and Wei on WCSB Live 2019-06-23 33:02
Wei drops some spoken-word tracks for The Cozmics. Lonesome Cowboy Dave on The Truth. Polyps vs. politics. Dr. Hal is coming next week for X-Day. Seat-sniffin'. Stang describes Rev. Susie's collages. Dave's dingleberries for X-Day. Dave's uncle worked on Robt. Altman's POPEYE movie. The name Guillermo means William. Stang did wedding for his niece and her hubby while they were dressed as Morticia and Gomez Addams. Dave married Wei and Stang. Dave at the Thai restaurant, sent back to jail after we broke him out to do the wedding. Scratching Dave's name out of all the yearbooks. "Doug Stang." "Babalu" playing in background, Wei singing? Propogating manual deficiencies on TV. Intro to Onan's sea shanty song. Dave says Onan has too many titles. Discussion of SubG titles like "Princess" and "Cowboy." Stang wrecks song "Back from the Shadows Again". Stang proud that he can't remember lyrics. Stang's senilities.

Onan Canobite - "Skipper "Bob" Dobbs Sea Shanty," taught to the Crew of the S.S. Wisteria (audience at 20X-Day)

Dave on Onan's titles. Dave's an uncle and grandpa too. "Uncle Lonesome Cowboy Dave is funny! And he's really old, isn't he Daddy?" Dr. Sinister is lurking around the studio. The sea shanty audio came from Stang's video; has sound of fans but Stang left Sound Soap in Texas. We record on Walkmens then spent $100,000 mixing with orchestra. BoingBoing writer Rev. Cory Doctorow reviewed the SubGenius Membership Packs and Stang can't fill that many orders, out of stock. 200 new saved souls out there! One tenth will order books or pens. Doctorow's glowing review and photos of each part of Pack. His novel Little Brother. Would NEIGHBORWORLD be a Juvenile book? What genre is it? Vonnegut and Joseph Heller had the same problem. Chicken Caccia-TwentyTore. Dave loves the music in background (Jerry Goldsmith's score for Planet of the Apes (1969). Stang learned to type by transcribing Rod Serling's screenplay from tapes made in theater. Jawbone sounds as percussion. Dave on kazooba musical instrument - that'll get you thrown out of Cleveland. Dr. Sinister saw video game where punishment was being sent to Cleveland. Jim Jarmusch's new zombie movie. Sinister found a voodoo spell book in a dark alley. Dave does voodoo. Wei knows voodoo practitioners. New Orleans cemeteries. Show ending. Festival info on subgenus dot com. Starwood will be on Stang's escape saucer. Vermin Supreme will be there, Dr. Hal, John Shirley, Phat Mandee.

8 Lemur - PR Gnus #1994 00:16
9 The Psycho Skeletons - Rich Saturated Fat 02:16
10 credit Psycho 2 Walkenshorst 00:08
11 Bob Walkenhorst - Broken Radio 05:53

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