Hour of Slack #1738 -- Hitler on a Cross Peanut


Once again, Radio Synaesthesia features Dr. Hal, Stang, Wei, L. C. Dave and callers to WCSB Cleveland, July 1 "2019," just before leaving for 22X-Day. But first, there's much new music and diversion, such as a new Trump song by Li'l Fyodor and Babushka (!), new Slot Rods, podcrusting SubGeniuses of 20X-Day (1917) including Peas, Shoggoth and Eggplant; new Psycho-Skel, and a fabulous heavy metal anthem called :New Freak Nation" by St. Andrew the Impaled/The Liberty Tubes. Discussion topics: Hitler on a cross. Ordering beer in China. "SubGenius figures" at Starwood 2019. Stang and Doe preview their new dog-rot-rock-pot-pop-X-Day opera "Buddy." Sausage Party. Furries. Aging SLAK Squad assassins for "Bob." Other shows confused with Hour of Slack. Hal sings "Green Acres" in a very special way. Dr. Sinister's SubGenius rant!

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1 Stang Intro Onion Quote 00:45
2 Lemur - HOS_Intro865 00:27
3 Lemur - PR_Gnus1395 00:36
4 Stang Intros Lil Fyodor and Baushka 00:33
5 Li'l Fyodor and Babushka - Trump Loves You 03:06
6 20X-Day 2017 - Podcrust with Shoggoth-Peas-Eggplant - RoboStang 04:32
7 Cred podcrusters, Intro Slot Rods 00:31
8 The Slot Rods - The Creeping 01:49

9 Synaesthesia w/ Hal, Stang, Dave, Wei 7-1-19 02 40:25

Accident w Dave-Stang's allergies and noises - What's necessary will be decided for you. Hitler on a cross. German language. Ordering beer in China. Bathrooms in languages. Stang looks like Dr. Sinister's grandma. 80 is the new 660. Feeling old, "old souls." Sinister doesn't read books. Jim Naborsworld by Dave. Starwood: "SubGenius figures" John Shirley, Vermin Supreme, Ask Dr. Hal, Phat ManDee. The Yes Men. Church's BMI. Space Rangers! Space children's elemental years, according to Dave. The message has nose, feet… with a smart phone you can see the invisible creatures. Dave sees DIFFERENT invisible creatures than most of us -- knows how to hallucinate without influences. StangDoe sing "Buddy" opening, rot rock overwrought pot pop dog Sex-Day opera. A few short hours left before X-Day -- more "Buddy" lyrics - "Do They Know It's X-Day" -- where's that money go? Not the Unmentionable Children's Home (where Sinister's son lives) - Galvanized steel workers. Killing a man with playing cards: Magnus the Magician, stage AND ceremonial magic - Starwood guest. Rival Bagnus the Magician. Sausage Party was a great movie - great criticism of religion. Stang quotes Sausage Party at length. Hippie on mushrooms can communicate with the hot dogs. No Money Mark calls with question for Stang - wants X-Day date changed for Furry-con. Scat fetish with a colostomy. Wei and Stang STang took furies one step FURther by actually sleeping with dogs. Killing a man with a comb or paperclip. S.L.A.K. Squad, aged assassins. SubG Assassination Squad rules. Rehydrate the squid with milk. San Francisco tower meant to scare off demons -- your body is a radio! Sinister in Exurbia - Macedonia - could hear WCSB but not WRUW! Out at Trumpwood you could hear WCSB. Stang's experience with a Papa Joe Mama rant tape in car, crossed with a radio broadcast of the same thing. Ranger Rita's confusion re: rock station crossed with religious station, assumed it was HoS. Hearing own voice on radio. Papa Joe demonic repossession. Nasal Academy. Crap Radio coming up next! Hal sings Green Acres as "I Read the News Today" -- Dave defends his talking while everybody's singing. ASMR. Trump messed up our wish to sing "Geek Acres" last year. Trump's Mind Powers - can make you walk funny. Hal does GENERIC ENDING! The Thing. Sinister does a loud SubG rant! Dave's childhood zoo experience remembrances, very strange. Sinister asks Crap Radio how it's going -- he won't answer. Let the Crap flow through you. X-Day coming in Spanish.

10 Intro Liberty Tubes
11 The Liberty Tubes - New Freak Nation XX 05:18
12 Outro over Psycho Skeletons - Uncle Stang 02:01

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