Hour of Slack #1740 - Social Justice Puppy Appdiction at the Donesome Lowboy Cave


Great new unheard music in the first half and an unusually energetic talk tantrum in the last half. Liberty Tubes, John Shirley, Little Fyodor, The Slot Rods, 100,000 Leagues Under My Nutsack. Stang is all apped up, "luming" on "apps" and reverting into a pathetically apologetic Social Justice Puppy. Just disgusting. Lonesome Cowboy Dave makes his own confessions. All most unseemly.

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1 Lemur - HOS_Intro215 00:16
2 Lemur - PR_Gnus1991 01:08
3 Lemur - BobSong10 00:13
4 Godzilla Theme (2014 Godzilla movie) 02:27
5 Liberty Tubes 08 - Sapiosexual Way 03:40
6 Lemur - Bob_Song1003 00:23
7 John Shirley - Why Am I So Weird? 06:09
8 Lemur - Bob_Song1009 00:13
9 Credits with Slot Rods 09-Surfin Glue 01:52
10 Lemur - Pizzicato 00:15
11 Lil Fyodor - Done That Do This 03:16
12 Lemur - NoizeI 00:31
13 Fidd Chewley - Hendrix/Mamas and Papas mash-up 02:47
14 Lemur - Puss_Caterpillar 02:00
15 100,000 Leagues Under My Nutsack - You Will Be Crushed 05:27

16 WCSB 8-11-19 30:58
Dave says we won't be able to make fun of religion, but we're not doing that. In his small town everybody knows the size of his largeness or smallness of his sex. Stang becomes a Social Justice Puppy, reciting grossly, horribly pathetic quotes from some take-off on hypersensitive young people. Dave has built up his sperm species, ready to repopulate the computer. Eugenics and X-Day. Creationalism. The cave where they've done some lowboy. Medicinal marijuana in Thailand; hemp in China, Ohio and Texas. SubGenius in Nevada using SubG names to brand drug products. Stang -- "Little Lord Fropleroy -- swore off drugs at age 5 but now is messed up on apps... all apped up. It's an appdiction. New apps are like "luming" in NEIGHBORWORLD. The subliminal commands in the apps and Hour of Slack that make you go to Walmart with an assault rifle, or else pick up trash on the highway. Stang now an "Appricot," hooked on Augmented Reality. Trademark G's augmented reality rig with Dobbsheads at X-Day. Trumpies' plan to censor criticism of "conservatives" on the Internet. Programming the Ashtabulian Candidates using subliminals in this show on people with dementia or under 25. Walker shopping at Walmart. Stang plays Lemur's "Restaurant Song" and then Stang's dog Claudia's weird yodeling for Dave. Show coming to end.

17 HAL GENERIC SHOW ENDING! 00:38ollage. Audience cheers when show is over!

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