Hour of Slack #1742 - The Church of the Marked Underdog

62:42; radio version 59:03

Part One of a two-hour radio jam with Radia Synaesthesia, and our second-to-last live show from Cleveland, Ohio before we continue from Tarzan's Radio Station in Texas. First 20 minutes are uncannily timely songs from new CDs by The Slot Rods, John Shirley and The Liberty Tubes, plus some great LeMur collage and a couple of very strange rants (?) by Rev. Watt deFalk. Then the SubGenius pundits (LCD, StangDoe, and Dr. Sinister) explain everything about the end of the world and bad humanity, then go and break everything they just built. But most precious and inspiring of all is a rant by the weirdly great Dallas badfilm maker Palmer Rockey from his previously "lost" film "Love is Deep Inside" (formerly the infamous "Scarlet Love"), which has been miraculously resurrected posthumously by dedicated badfilm aficionados working at film labs.

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1 Lemur - PR_Gnus1990 00:45
2 Lemur - HOS_Intro866 00:21
3 WhattheHell-Huey 01:27
4 End of NPR report, Book 02:23
5 Watt deFalk - Bobbies-w-Trump 00:33
6 Liberty Tubes - Im Gonna Farm Greenland 04:13
7 Lemur - We_Wont_Rock_You 00:23
8 John Shirley 06-Silicon Embrace 04:42
9 Lemur - Wishmas_02 00:16
10 The Slot Rods 04-Snake Eyes 03:16
11 Watt deFalk - CaliWatchTComment 00:35

12 WCSB live 8-25-19 21:58
That tape ends that way, like the tape ran out, Dr. Sinister here, second to last show at WCSB, detailed credits (including Fidd belated credit), details re: John Shirley's "Silicon Embrace" SubNovel. St. Andrew's Greenland song uncannily apt for this week; as planet burns Greenland will be easier to mine. Ancient NPR report on us sounds just like it was done yesterday. Stang's news blackout that changed nothing. KKK have taken off their hoods, proudly racist. Vermin Supreme might be Libertarian nominee; if we were to waste our vote we'd waste it on Vermin - or Dr. Sinister. Patriopsychotic AnarchMaterialist Party rules. Dave having an incompinence problem? Last WCSB studio show - the U-Haul trailer has been reserved. The planets are aggravating Dave's quantum psychic foam number. The original Avengers with Diana Rigg vs. "grown-up" Emma Peel in GoT -- now a horrible old woman! (10 years older than us.) Why you shouldn't buy a mattress from a Lannister. "We'll build a wall and keep the White Walkers out…" except Trump would never keep out anything white. Hitler's "Make Germany Great Again" vs. Trump's new hats with "Keep America Great." Americans more scared and angry than ever before, only now it's the democrats that are angry. Dave on Bernie policies, or something. It's always a plutocracy. But in 20 years everyone will die from lack of oxygen due to the special Amazon jungle tire burnings. Fukusshima and the horse she rode in on. The mysterious Russian weapons test that went wrong - nuclear-POWERED rockets. A-bomb-powered FTL spaceships. Trump wants to nuke hurricanes. FATE Mag article about Tesla possibly accidentally causing the Tunguska explosion in 1908 (overshooting the North Pole, which Perry was nearing). The official theory. Why do comets always hit Russia? Dave's a horse's asteroid chaser. Stang introduces the resurfacing of Palmer Rockey's supremely bad badfilm, "Scarlet Love," now called "Love Is Deep Inside" and describes the movie and Rockey as a Dallas kook and "film producer," the four-walled premiere in Dallas around 1979, and Stang's attempts to convince Rockey to consider "Midnight Movies." We got to see and record the trailer, which is two very very weird, long shots.

13 Palmer Rockey - rant about "Marked Underdogs" from "Love Is Deep Inside" trailer 01:43

14 WCSB live continued 17:04
Palmer Rockey love song sample from the "Scarlet Love" album, which Stang owns because Rockey was handing them out for free at the premiere. The origins of SubG sex goddess "Nunu" in "Scarlet Love." Very strange Dave statements. Stang reads wildly favorable reviews of Hour of Slack from the Apple podcast version. Our average rating is 4.9 out of 5, and the 1000th most popular podcast. Shows going back to 1985 are available. All 1742 are available. Sinister's secret society formed when he was 4 in 1985 on March 31st. Dave plugs "Neighborworld." The Ashtabula oblongata and other offensive brain parts. "Connie-ought," Ohio. Dave's Ohio history lesson, shameful stains on our national conscience, stains on underwear. Stang's son turned 40; his movie "Solver" is on Amazon. Sinister might visit us in Texas - which is smaller than most Australian states. 1000 miles to Texas, dragging a 12' trailer behind a bicycle. Will keep doing the show from our Texas living room, but it ain't the same. Stang tells of Buddy's insane leap out a third story window without breaking any bones, saved by Wei doing The Pappy Voice, which she demonstrates. We'll be doing a Part Two of this show on Dr. Sinister's hour.

15 Godzilla (2014) - Muto Noise 1339 02:36
16 Lemur - PR_Gnus1980 00:48

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