Hour of Slack #1743 - There's No Cancer like "Bob's" Cancer


Part Two of of an Hour of Slack/Radio Synaesthesia combo from August 25, "2019." Host Dr. Sinister, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Rev. Ivan Stang and Princess Wei 'R.' Doe talk and talk and talk with various callers. Because it's the penultimate WCSB show for Hour of Slack, there is some reminiscing of vast historical significance, and much detailed revelations about "Bob" Dobbs and his Word.

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Dr. Sinister intros special Synaesthesia episode combined with Hour of Slack, with more callers than just Lonesome Cowboy Dave. The frigid weather conditions in the WCSB studio when you're not sitting at the board. Climate control at the Texas studio in Stang's living room. Studio headphone noises that aren't heard on a car radio or small speakers. Dave's buzz. Radio details. Stang and Doe explain their dog opera "Buddy," ripped off from The Who's "Tommy" -- now a brainwork. Filk-singing, the lowest form of songwriting. (Look for Sinister's song "SlackMan.") Poop songs aren't easy. Our band "Poo Water Towel." Caller: Does "Bob" own pets? (Yes, US.) When Dr. Sinister saw "Bob" and someone tried to pull the Pipe from his mouth. The nature of "Bob's" luck. "Bob" more powerful than JHVH-1. Watchtower and Awake! have gone downhill in their art. "Bob's" cancer is contagious and useful to him. It was his cancer, so all his jailers loved it like they died. "Bob's" phone number. When Stang saw "Bob" shot in San Francisco by Puzzling Evidence -- detailed story. "Bob" sold the metal from the bullet. The Pipe broke in half, but grew back. All caught on video in both ARISE! and the new documentary by Sandy Boone. Stang praises "J. R. "Bob" Dobbs and The Church of the SubGenius" movie. Film festivals. Dave calls and asks about the martial art of Face Biting. The "Bob" alarm goes off on Stang's phone! Then stops! "Bob" belies reliance? Stang reads more reviews of Hour of Slack from Apple podcast version including "Pretty much unlistenable" from one of those Canadians with the agenda. The difference between St. Bucky and Rev. Buckky. Buckminster Fuller is at Onan's house baking domes. Onan is a major archivist of Fuller, a few others, and SubGenius. The DobbShed in Texas with the archives. Yankees' idea of "hot" weather. Watermelons used for Foley effects of bodies smashing. Memory problems of SubGenii. Dr. Sinister starts punning horribly. Pun challenge results in tsunami of bad jokes and puns from Sinister, Dave and caller. Dave's Stang joke with Double Mean Baby Head. More horrible "walk into a bar" jokes. The late Dr. Dark, most deadly punster of SubGeniusdom, must be proving Life After Death by using us as mediums on this show. Incredibly awful shaggy mammoth story by Sinister. Yet more painful "jokes." Pamphlets and BOOK OF THE SUBGENIUS publishing chronology. Turning into a superhero origin story, but Stang won't be around forever and wants facts set straight. Wikipedia page editing as described so simply by Dave. Dave's breaking of sublime things. The sad story of the band Sublime and their Dobbshead use. Sublime's first album discussed. Violence in Sublime's songs, Stephen King and Ice T aren't actual murderers. Hating one's parents' music. Sinister's problem with his parents playing The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band too loud while he was trying to masturbate. Stereotype of liberal identifying with hillbillies. Stang's hatred of "hits" especially "Suite: Judy Blue-Eyes." College radio stations like WCSB that aren't like Con radio are very very rare. WCSB vs. WRUW. Sinister and Wei always wanted to do radio. Sold out "hit" stations. The band name "Attractive Nuisance." / Long series of JESUS JOKES. Dr. Sinister's bad jokes not THE worst. Sinister wards off psychos (he thinks). But we're kook flypaper. Watermelon surrealism. When will US legalize marijuana? Great Obama impression by Sinister -- Obama bullshitting about pot legalization. A President… LYING? Stang launches into his rant about how awful it feels to see one's sickest satirical fantasy predictions come grossly true and then some. No Money Mark calls. We're not on any Texas broadcast radio at all. Some Hour of Slackhistory. Dr. Sinister and X-Day. SubCommandante SubGenio. Sinister and Stang on ranting Church stuff in simple Spanish. The GGGs' Spanish SubG rants. Trump as "the chosen one" and the entire agenda of the Trumptards: to tick off the intelligent. How terrible it is to see one's predictions come true. DATELINE FOR DOMINANCE was off by only about 50 years -- very accurate compared to the age of the Universe. The number of atoms in the Universe, but atoms are an illusion, a lie. This world is just a pattern of energy vortexes. Dr. Dark is influencing us from the other side. Next: Rev. Heathen? Dr. Legume? Stang's back killing him. "Oyeh" and Masturbating Shawn, and how it turned into an always-evolving mantra for Stang and Wei. Deep discussion of the chronic masturbating caller and our various interpretations of it. The dialects of Princess Wei's planet, and the difference between dialects of eastern Ohio and the Yinzers in Pennsylvania. Don vs. Dawn, Anne vs. Ian.

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