Hour of Slack #1744 - Last Show from Cleveland - Orange is the New Orange


We managed to get through this (probably) last truly live broadcast from WCSB without crying or even getting sappy like we did a couple of shows back. At first there's a new Liberty Tubes song, an amazing rock-n-roll mash-up by Dido (?), and ten minutes of a funny 2017 X-Day podcrust with Revs. Shoggoth, Peas and Eggplant. Then Dr. Sinister joins StangDoe and the Lonesome Cowboy for, after twenty years, one final bout of live jibber-jabber using WCSB's excellent microphones, headphones, and phone-caller audio. (Our home studio at Stang Ranch is a bit less professionally appointed.) There are some thank-yous, some reminiscing about the more freakish frequent WCSB callers, some secrets revealed, the usual sudden tangents into twisted versions of current events, science, and ancient history, killer clowns, momos, and some philosophizing from Stang regarding his recent indignities of aging and how they've slowed the final epic move of sacred SubGenius crap from Cleveland to the secure rural Texas compound (an hour from Waco! Heh!). The show ends with a recording of "SubGenius Lullaby" from Chas Smith's old ESO show on the station, which is probably a real tear-jerker for long-time listeners.

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1 Lemur - PR_Gnus1985 00:32
2 Lemur - HOS_Intro864 00:24
3 The Liberty Tubes - Chameleon 04:08
4 20X-Day 2017 - Podcrust with Revs. Shoggoth-Peas-Eggplant X 09:35
5 Dido - Led Zeppelin vs Rolling Stones vs Run DMC vs Chemical Brothers vs Def Leppard..- Rock Of Ages 05:05

6 WCSB live 2019-09-01 34:50

Stang does credits at length, Amsterdam Bach Soloists in background. Mention of our enjoyment of street string quartets thanks to Rev. Tanja and Buckky. We're lucky because of all the other other stations -- thanks to the "sister stations". WLSL, WCNI, WREK, WORT, WOZO and maybe WMPG. Dave calls in - we smell his turban as usual. Scent memories of elementary school and girl crushes, Stang like most other nerd fellows in dating. Lucky as a pork chop on a spindle; we all end up rotating on the spit, in the barrel. like the logo pigs slicing themselves. Pigs vs. Schmoos. But the Con outlawed Schmoos. Dr. Sinister entered! Biology of the Schmoo, serving up own cartilage. Now illegal. The Chinese Social Credit Cartilage whereby they grade you on how patriotic and decent you are, and fine you accordingly. Holy Schmoo! USA nation of finks. The name Fink. Dave on names. This is the Last Show at WCSB! Stang will miss bracketing DJs, nice equipment, vast music library. But reasons to go to rural Texas full of Trumpensteins: sister, son, daughter, grandson, brother, nieces/nephews/in-laws, sunsets, goats, books; house paid for. Can't leave because Stang pinched nerve and is doing show with cervix collar on. Countries with mass shootings and Stang's avoidance of mentioning them. "There's no way to stop this, says only country where this ever happens." (Onion). Dave on orchestral pieces for noisemakers in orchestras. Last Sunday in the cold studio; the giant warm head-board. Stang's failure to be Hercules any more, and need to hire young Herculeans to move back to Texas. Consarn to tarnation this aging. Wallowing in Involuntary Slack, but also involuntary expenses. The Cthulu/Dobbs 2020 bumper sticker. Dave's Yoga advice. Dobbs needs pasta and Cthulu needs souls. President Vermin Supreme's platform with free energy from zombie power. Shooting the bald eagle, fracking the national park, all just to tick off the libtards. "Righteous Anger is the Marijuana of the 2020s." Stang no longer feels so righteous; trying to learn more doesn't fit well with this modern political dialog. Remorse for things you didn't do or can't remember, or tiny little remorsels. Morsels of pain and agony. Dave on Ashtabula guy and the Dalai Lama who is eating a spicy momo. Discussion of spicy momos - Tibetan dumplings. Last year's killer clown meme. Orange is the new orange. The days that we Daves can't remember; the Daves of our lives. Normal vs. Norbal. Last ten minutes of this microphone and these headphones! Back to Tarzan's limited studio soon. Stang explains the tear-jerker track he's gonna play. Old tear-jerk-off artists who never donated will cry. Show outro - Stang owns the "Bob" trademark! Will listen to Synaesthesia from Texas. Stang and Wei have been in this station every Sunday for 20 years. Used to smoke and drink beer in the station, you're lucky to have a station like this! In Glen Rose TX you can always hear HoS on Internet. Stang describes Chas's ESO show and song that we'll end with as a tearjerker. Thanks for the memories.

7 ESO radio 11-9-00 with Chas Smith, Dave and Stang talking over recording from XX-Day - Chas song "SUBGENIUS LULLABY," end of Chas show 02:38
8 Oyeh echo 00:34
9 Lemur - PR_Gnus 1986 00:58

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