Hour of Slack #1747 - The Wet Basement of Religions


This episode is another of those legendary "lost" radio hours from the 2017 20 X-Day Drill that neither Stang nor the Robo-Stang had heard until this week. (Long sordid story.) It starts off a bit lackadaisically but after about the halfway point Dr. Argus Faux raises the ante and gets things pretty fired up. "Cast" includes Dr. Hal, Rev. Fanboy, Rev. Peas, Rev. Eggplant, Dr. Faux, and Dr. Shoggoth. Listening to this recording two years after it was recorded made old Rev. Stang very proud indeed of his future replacements. And a bit jealous.

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro863 00:22
2 LeMur - PR_Gnus1987 00:22
3 Rev. Richard Negative - Drip Slowly And Repent (feat. Rev. Dr. Onan Canobite) (excerpt) 01:59
4 Intro-Credits 01:21

5 2017_07_04-Podcrust 2 w Hal-Onan-Peas-etc 55:11
July 4, 2017 - Onan gives up mic for Peas. Hal describes the Aunt Bertha Christian radio shows of yore. Jack Chick comics and Papa Joe Mama. Rev. Fanboy on Insidious Jesus Insurance Contracts. Whow CoSG is so different, and Universal Life Church. Practical aspects of conducting SubGenius weddings. Hal's years at Burning Man and his Ask Dr. Hal radio show. Black hornets of Wisteria. Rev. Eggplant replaces Dr. Hal. Eggplant's camping advice. Eat the FUCk out of the burgers. Peas leaves to pee, replaced by Argus Faux. Stang's nuticle. Faux's X-Day threats, insults and promises. (Much profanity and sadistic cruelty.) Tomorrow we're all gonna die! Stang replaced by shambling robot parody of himself, the Stang 5000. Lure him into Faraday cage using a fake Voice of God in his hearing aids to lure him in? Discussion of Stang's degeneration. X-Day destruction fantasies. "People will pop like hamsters." Wonderful descriptions of the destruction of the planet's atmosphere and using the molten core as a weapon. Human-eating: first bite is free. Food Pentagons vs. Food Pyramid. Hard to find foods with trans-fats. The trans-fat black market! Poo in space. Fart-capsules that give your farts flavors like schnodberries. Dingleberry Pie. Which direction is your Saucer heading? Up, dragging the ISS, the Oort Cloud. Science vs. Book of the SubGenius. Revelation X cancels out the first book -- a Detestament. CoSG is the Wet basement of Religions. Faux will gather some Pinks to keep in the freezer, and for experiments. Human bones as decorations. Shove the Midwest into the Grand Canyon and fill it in. Even if X-Day doesn't happen humans will wipe themselves out. Yeti blood is like antifreeze in our DNA. Pirate DNA -- Arrr DNA. Not enough spooky music at X-Day?!? Faux's insane prediction of how the evening will go. Stang's next! Philo's just Fidd Chewley in disguise. Mysteries of Fidd. Great Fanboy/Faux/Eggplant phone come-on jam. Face Fucking Bat problems. Anna Maul is scary them off. HoS and X-Day ads for SubOxone. Monsters from Tinactin commercials that live in your toenails. INSANE BALLS WITH LEGS RANT! Kicked in dicks rant. SubG jenkem chambers sucking the urine out of the aquifer, keeping them fresh and moist. Stop sleeping now! Antisleep better than frop, but more dangerous. X-Day antisleep symptoms and causes. Spilling seeds on the ground to grow cigaret bushes. The Poison Rock Swallowing Contest! Spit on your hand and say hello, fifty cents. More insane rants. (Some lady ranting off-mic in the background.) Hypercube vs. Disneyfication of the Church caused by Robo-Stang. The Goofy to Stang's Mickey Mouse? Disney drug movie fantasies. Very strange statements regarding Disney animator slaves. Insulting the people who yell at the people in headphones. X-Day is all about roasting Peas, a man of grandmotherly kindness. Stang returns to change batteries on the recorder. They'll be happy when we shut up...

6 Outro and URL 00:33

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