Hour of Slack #1749 - This Gol Durn Old Modern World


Starts with cuts from Rev. Richard Negative's new album WELCOME TO DOBBS.TOWN. There's also music from John Shirley, The Slot Robs, The Swinging Love Corpses, and The Liberty Tubes, plus ear-rippers by LeMur and Rev. Watt deFalk. Interspersed are conversations between Stang, Drummond and Dr. Howll from the 22X-Day Drill (July "2019") and between Overlord Anna Maul and Dr. Brujaja. All the problems of this old world are addressed, among other trivia.

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1 LeMur - PR_Gnus1981 00:56
2 LeMur - HOS_Intro217 00:33
3 Rev. Richard Negative from album WELCOME TO DOBBS.TOWN - Intro (feat. THE UBERSCIENTIST) 00:44
4 Rev. Richard Negative from album WELCOME TO DOBBS.TOWN - Wring Out Your Head (feat. justjohn)+ 02:30
5 Credits-Intro 01:22

6 22X-Day: Hal, Stang, Philo - July 2 3rd Show X 22:16
Stang as Little Big Man - school with rich kids. Can afford to be stupid. A drunken rich man = most dangerous creature on the planet. Worked in China - in big East Coast city, now back in the country. City folks think country's all buck-toothed yokels, country people think city people are quivering libtards hiding from gangs of brown people. We lived in EVERY neighborhood. Science news and end of world - why should I care? Cities on the moon, space station - SHITTY 2002 version of THE TIME MACHINE -Stang rants about it. Basic idea about class division - like Ameristan in Stephenson's "Fall or Dodge in Hell." Rich blue state people have Internet editors so they won't be fooled. Stang's jealousy of Neil Stephenson. The plot of "Fall" - brain patterns preserved in "virtual afterlife." They even eat food, and SHIT. Singularity vs. Ideogularity. Computer's life has just started when yours ended. Like being in a video game you can't leave. People who brag that they never read books. The New Media. "I'm not just a City Girl - I'm a TV GIRL!!" Now grandsons are not TV boyz but INTERNET boys! They're in the Matrix and I am Mister Smith! (Can't stand the smell.") The Internet was great but now SUCKS! Maybe the Dark Web is fun. Tossed out 12 bags of hand labeled VHS tapes recored at long-play speed that can't be recycled. State of American recycling - too dirty. England has 90% recycling. Twig-pickers of Finland. The fact that the news is nonsense is why it fools so many people. Self righteous indignation is the new drug of America. We're the Mind Your Own Business Police. Jack-booted SubG League of Ass Kickers. If everybody ran off a cliff, would you? Mavrides quote: "Dad, I'm the one that suggested they jump off a cliff." Invented by Disney in "White WIlderness" with mass-murdered lemmings for show-biz. Disney's "The Living Desert" scorpion dance using clever editing. Fake news! Stang gripes about Hal's and Philo's nerd mutterings. Hal tries to keep the subject on nostalgia TV trivia while Stang fights back. "Scraping off your shoes" must mean something bad. Hal deliberately continues badfilm synopses. Philo returns.

7 The Swingin Love Corpses - Save The Universe 03:05

8 22X-Day: Dr. Hal and Philo continued 08:43
Philo took a nap and most of the frop and girls and map and lighters and the gun and the diamonds! The exotic lounge music lulled us. The Lost Dutchman Mine -- Stang battles Hal. Music from 1970s porn music; Philo playing armpit. The OverMan can sound like a theramin from his exit wound and frenulum. The wa-wa pedal that goes with copulation scenes, BLOW jobs. One of the porno tunes is a rip-off of White Rabbit. X-Day porno music mixed with Philo. Music to Unzip Your Pants Slowly By If You're Zap Branigan. Stang getting tired, wants Mike on the mic. IS MIKE HUNT HERE? Stang and Drummond Tube Bar imitation with Hal as referee. Stang on why he stopped playing classic prank call tapes on show: there's a victim. Shouldn't be public. Stang also stopped playing tapes of mentally ill people who leave messages on the Church answerphone. The kook who leaves messages all day long. One bar of ATT = one crappy bar, no drinks, bad jail. Where's the drinks?

9 John Shirley - Iniquities 05:25
10 LeMur - PR_Gnus1979 00:33
11 LeMur - Texas15 00:47
12 The Slot Rods - Hair Pin Turn 02:08
13 Credits Slot-Lemur-Shirley to Anna Maul 00:47
14 Anna Maul and Dr. Brujaja - Musical Tie In_1 X 05:10
15 Credits-URL 00:46
16 Liberty Tubes - Crackie 02:34
17 Rev. Watt de Falk - Stang's Remarkable Doper Mocking Giggle Mix 01:14
18 LeMur - Rose_Of_Texas15 00:47

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