Hour of Slack #1750 - I'm Deaf Too,/To "Bob"



Dr. Hal, Dr. Drummond and Rev. Stang have been doing live SubGenius radio for so long that they could do it in their sleep, and this recording from July 3, "2019," at the 22X-Day Drill, may well prove it, even though the three old pros seem to be fighting constantly and perhaps fighting sleep as well. (In fact all three are stone deaf and talking in their sleep.) Highlights include a tour of The Salton Sea and a thorough dissertation on suggested SubGenius Weird Tourist Destinations, such as the California desert shooting locations of thousands of movies, and fabulously bulldada roadside attractions -- the specialty of many cross-country California and Texas Old Radio Doktors. The biggest problem with fighting The Conspiracy is addressed fearlessly, as is what it's like to be the lone Spock on a spaceship full of Zap Brannigans. The Hunt for The Killer "Bob" Dobbs at a previous Drill is re-lived vividly. The end comes suddenly.

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro844 00:12

2 22X-Day, 7-3-"2019" first hour - Hal Stang Philo X 58:45

Show starts Stooges, Tarzan's Swaying treehouse radio station - Tarzan's auttistic Bobbies as recorders on stone slabs - translating rock chips into computer and scanner problems - Bobbies must keep chipping on the stone tablets - in treehouse open air instead of studio. As soon as show starts, so does Nap Period and Fap Period. Yesterday called up random audience member, Rev. X. Will call Feit C Taj - Stang describes Swag Table covered with Stang Museum fossils holding down the t-shirts. Philo and the mics. The problem is his face. You don't have to suck it. Insane mic problems, Stooge-like technical probs. Horrible feedback Dr singing.
Stang restarts show with X-Day Intro - Philo interrupts with wow and flutter - strange hearing problems - "HAL FUCKED IT UP!" - Whats that smell? Frop w/ cheap perfume -- The Smell of Frop is All Around You - Hal on perfume - Coffee at Caffeina's - Hal on the promise of X-Day! - technical probs in bg w stang and philo - Hal does poem while Philo does tech probs - ISABEL poem - / Hal gets confused, then continues insane poem about Isabel - more wiring probs - Simple pleasures Hal tries to keep show going over Stang and Drummond stooginess. Crazed audio tests! Working with Subgeniuses, a nightmare! Stang can't tell but can control what goes on the radio, as Sacred Scribe - to remove the stupid parts. Started the show three times this time. WELCOME to HoS # u... THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Philo fights headphones and pants - DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING! - You knuckleheads. When the DJ is deaf. Make fun of my handicap? Stang's a victim! Cry like a little girl. "Why'd you make me do this "Bob"?" "Why didn't society stop me from doing that stupid thing, LOUDER?" How Stang got deaf: The Amino Acids. I'm Deaf Too "Bob" - unmiced listener attempts to talk to hosts in headphones - Philo's solution - Stang as the lone Spock on a spaceship full of Zap Brannigans. How to beat the Con? But Susan Oliver. Strange looking Gene Roddenberry girl hirees. Stang vs. Philo's phone sound effects. Stang needs young blood in Church. We need new brains! Being a control freak, a ringleader in a cat circus. All Chiefs and all Chief Wahoo. A planet of Charlton Hestons, pouting and posing. He and apes were right: humans suck. Yet apes became as bad - so ironical and sad. Suddenly YOURE THE CONSPIRACY! Two Kings, Philo and Stang. The Con always wins so go ahead and buy all our stuff. Mistar Sistar channels Dr. Dark in heckling -- proving an afterlife.
28:26: cut some Mr Sr? to 29:23
Ticks everywhere! Graphic Hal and Stang descriptions of tick attacks. The horror movie "Ticks!" Giant ticks caused by marijuana grower villains. Used to be radiation, then quantum, now it's marijuana that makes monsters. How about "Tardigrade!"? Or "Rotifer!" In THE MONSTER THAT CHALLENGED THE WORLD was supposed to be a mollusk but wasn't... filmed at the Salton Sea. Stang does glowing review of the Salton Sea area. The beach is made of fish and bird bones, it is so toxic. Bombay Beach and Salton City denizens are VERY weird people. Most atmospheric place with End of the World look. Sony Bono tried to save it. Looks like atomic war ruins with cannibals and giant mollusks. Near Mexicali and Calexico. Ocean of SHIT (38:13) After X-Day folks can see the Salton Sea on Stang's planet/saucer... in the grand canyon! If Legume doesn't wreck 'em. Legume Memorial Everything will be auctioned. People who think he was mean, but ... he was right. Usually. Stang brags about his tough hide, then gets triggered and cries. PTSD from girls turning down dates. Philo's evil sound effects machine. /

SubG tourist attractions nearby: Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant WV! Stang avoids Roswell - got sick of that alien stuff! As did Roswell shop owners. Roadside attractions with crashed UFOs - that former casino-turned-saucer at the AZ-CA border, where the Pipe-falling-on-Mavrides and Wellman photo was taken. DO YOU DARE SEE THE THING? on I-10. Stang promotes and describes the THE THING museum. Only $1! Supposedly an Indian mummy, which is frowned upon. "It got up and walked!" Hal had a relative in THE MUMMY (1932). SubG Destinations: movie locations like: Old Tucson, Alabama Hills (in California), Vasquez Rocks, Bronson Canyon (and related movies). When Stang and Wei almost got busted at Vasquez Rocks - "Old man and his cute blonde daughter are smoking a pipe" - cops came but because Stang was wearing a "Bob" mask and waving at them they decided not to go to the trouble. Sikrik's "Bob" masks review. "Bobferatu." Sikrik's other masks of obscure characters. Cool but we're too old to know about them. Stang tires of doing show, but there is no Internet in campground! What to do? Woods are too deadly. The year "Bob" killed a dog, and Rev. bastard, and raped a car, and kidnapped Philo, so we hunted him in the woods -- why Stang staged that hunt. Almost 20 men managed to heave their butts off their chairs and go 40 paces into the woods to see the crime scene. We got ticks with GOOD diseases. Now they carry leprosy and insanity and bubonic plague. Crotchrot comes with being outdoors. THEM KIND PILS ad from Dobbs Pharmacy, one prescription per customer. They're all-purpose pils. Expired in 1998 but that hasn't come yet. Take as often as needed anytime you want. "As if they were acid." Acitic acid. Sudden end.

3 LeMur - Short_Songs15 00:04

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