Hour of Slack #1754 - And Now, This Cut Point

60:20 (Internet version 67:30)

This is one of those hodge-podge episodes that was Frankensteined together from several different SubGenius shows and podcasts, with weird old-timey pop music (and one modern Al Mothersbaugh song) admixed in with LeMurian media barrages. The spouting duo of Dr. Brujaja and Overlord Anna Maul is represented (Austin, Texas); Dr. Philo Drummond, Dr. Hal and Rev. Stang lose their screens and checks at 22X-Day Drill (Deepest Ohio); StangDoe and Lonesome Phone Boy Dave have a convulute-versation via Tarzan's Radio Station (Glen Rose, Texas). Don't worry; although a lot of this was recorded in Texas, only Stang and Drummond sound that way.

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro856 00:30
2 LeMur - NoizeB 00:13
3 Kyu Sakamoto - Sukiyaki-The Martian Anthem 03:02
4 credits intro 00:48

5 StangDoe & Dave 11-17-2019 - Dave onRanch-ImaginaryWorld-O-names 04:36

I. If you support a utilitarian - lowest common denominator and report to police. We found a place where Dave could live on the ranch -- ancient camper-top in the junk yard. No toilet, but out in the woods. Rattlesnakes and scrotums. Can lay down out of the rain. Stang's imagination. Living in imaginary world is Stang's goal. Come close - all friends have names like Philo! Sterno! Onan! Nenslo! Names with Os! Not Ken. LOnesome. The big O represents Nothing in Buddhism. And Lawson's orange juice Ohio ad.

6 2 bd_PR_Gnus1392 00:59

7 StangDoe & Dave 11-17-2019 - SuprmarketNames-cannibal-Now This 08:39

J. Stang remembers his thought! - this little town is so Christian that you can't find Jewish food even at H.E.B. (or "Hebe" ha ha) actually Herbert E. BUTTS. Can't name supermarket Butts. Piggly Wiggly founded by Ms. Butthurt. Winn-Dixie and Skaggs. Smucker. Stuckey's. The buzz overpowers Dave's mind. In the Dave Zone. That's what he'd be being paid for. Stang's gonna sell another part of Ol' Bessie. Down to where there ain't much of Ol' Bessie left. That look she gets when we come to the pen. I feel that way when the mailman brings a new bill. We tell people Bessie is a pig. Wei thinks Texas Chainsaw Massacre and cannibal rednecks is fiction. Actually happens all the time... they only chop up Yankee tourists mostly. Certain roadside bars that you walk into innocently but realize it's full of cannibal rednecks. Wei tries to get Dave back on his track after he forgets schtick. Space pilots congealing the butter? What kind of surrealist metaphor is this? When you think Dave's spewing nonsense, you find that it actually happened. Poor Dave is displeased. "AND NOW THIS!"

8 Frank Crumit - Abdul Abulbul Amir 03:10
9 credit Crumit to 22x 00:12
10 22X-Day with Dr. Hal, Philo, Stang -7-3B-2019 - Missing Frop Screen 03:29
The contents of Stang's pockets are examined by Dr. Hal, including the soul of a Bobbie whose check bounced. Defense of Frop.

11 Massive Hot Dog Recall - Destiny (detroit) 03:00
12 credit Al Mothersbaughto cut point 00:44

13 StangDoe & Dave 11-17-2019 - this show old-holograms-bobs real 06:04

We're back to talking with Dave on HoS 1753. A lotta show, weighing Stang down. Could be making books... instead just blithering on this stupid show? How much longer am I gonna tell myself this? Reruns the only answer. Playing stuff backwards - boring unless you're on LSD - those were the days. "The 60s were fun" Stan Lee quote from Ant Man and the Wasp. Now a digital Stand Lee because he's dead. Dead hologram tours of Roy Orbison, Elvis, Zappa. James Dean in an upcoming movie. Hollywood market-tested formula "good ideas" that people will see. Marvel typical but good. Why not both. What kind of hologram? Don't know. Everything's a lie. Star Wars make digital doubles, realer than "Bob" looks and Bob's Real! Got the point on Stang's head - gonna get that removed soon as we sell that house.

14 LeMur - Painting_The_Clouds 00:22
15 22X-Day with Dr. Hal, Philo, Stang -7-3B-2019 - Nose Grease as Camera Lube and Funny Bollywood Names 03:10
16 LeMur - NoizeC 00:23
17 LeMur - PR_Gnus1393 00:39
18 credit lemur 2 anna 00:46

19 Overlord Anna Maul and Dr. Brujaja - Musical Tie-In 2 X 09:16
The moon is in Aries. Pain grapes. Rather tame plans for X-Day Escape Vessel accoutrements. Eagle vs. Tiger fight planned. Pokemon Go. Sturgeons.

20 StangDoe & Dave 11-17-2019 - InsuranceDeepStateChina-URLPOEnd 08:00

M. Dave was almost a terrorist at age 10, would conquor the world - drunken parents, don't bring back Stang's horrible trigger flashback memories! Dave nonsense lucky numbers - whose breath was I hearing? Sounds like bellows- Dave's nose? Radio mic vs. phone mic. Doctor said I was fine, then told me the copay - it's rape. My fault for cheap insurance. If I wanted to avoid that $30 copay I should pay that $1300 insurance bill. Nobody wants anything smart to happen! Tick off the smart people! As long as it sends a signal to Hillary or Obama since thy're still President and evil deep state that won the elction while losing it deliberately. So deep they're underneath China. Hong Kong beating up the protesticles. The Great Leap Forward backwards. Stang's friends in China during the Cultural Revolution. Dave jokes about it. Dave will joke about anything taboo. He's fading, and I'm fading... 1:08... how the show started, everything's okay. Musta been a crappy show since the dogs slept through it. Yawning now. A Slackful show that puts people to sleep. PO Box 807 GR TX URL. Dave must go.
N.Thank you Dave for wisdom and humours. Mocking his wise-doms? Praise Bob"

21 Slim Witman - Indian Love Call 03:06

22 StangDoe & Dave 11-17-2019 - Stang House AD! - X 03:45

L. (END INTERNET ONLY)) Hey listeners? Don't you want to live in the Stang historical Starwood/Church house - Stang does ad for house - neighborhod mixed, with queers and weirdos, ethnics, like Jehovah's Witness picture of heaven -- BUY OUR HOUSE! Worth $3 million in San Franscisco! Cleveland a hellhole...? No longer. You can fish and boat in the toxic lake.

23 Burp-Thanx4Frop,Bob 00:12
24 StangDoe & Dave 11-17-2019 - Stang-WeiYak Z end X 02:07

O. ~~After Dave - You cut Dave off. the scrap metal welded Triceratops $14 for Dave. $16 vs $14 at the market. How can it be so cheap? Desperate times. Stang and Wei yak- Strange end Dr music by Stang

25 LIGHTNING X-day clip 00:05

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