Hour of Slack #1756 - Know Everything Worth Not Knowing!

22 X-Day July 4 First Hour

Radio 59:05 - Internet 60:41

A very old-school fundie doctrinal episode, since it's Dr. Philo Drummond, Dr. Hal, Rev. Ivan Stang and Rev. Angry Larry -- all ancient and revered Hierarchites, spouting sacredly at 22X-Day Drill on July 4th, in the first hour of the first show... and, there's a brand new Rudy Schwartz Project album out! Music includes three challenging songs from that, some Slot Rods alien surf punk thrash e-z listening, Jimmy Durante, Skeletons of the Psycho variety, and LeMurian antimusic. Topics attacked: pils; the ban on cotton; the visor that reveals dinosaur ghosts; fat cocks and no chicks; idiot Facebook Bobbies who can't spell "Bob"; Tube Bar Call imitations; toe jam used as butt paste; Dr. Hal jumped off a cliff for a dollar; the supervillain Irritating Grandpa, other pressing topical issues.

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1 Lemur - HOS_Intro854 00:17
2 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Face Down in a Hobo's Urine X? 02:00
3 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Citizen Monkey Subdues the White Bone Demon 03:50
4 cred RSP to 22x 01:13

5 22X-Day 7-4-1-A-Awesome Awful to Slot Rods 00:49
A Awesome is awful. Premiere of The Slot Rods new Surfin' Glue!

6 The Slot Rods 11-Mini Bike Wipeout! 02:21

7 5 7-4-1-B - Slot Rods to Slack Hole 00:51
B The Slot Rods - Push Start the Fury - not a proper rug. Rev. Angry Larry's stable of bands.

8 Lemur - PR_Gnus1388 00:39
9 7-4-1-C-You Woke up!-make room-new business 00:56
C -You just woke up! Button pushing millennials - Philo will sublet his 6-inch area - new business.

10 7-4-1-D-Pils-prescription cotton 01:39
D. Rev. Angry Larry gets his Pils - Dobbs Honda - ban on cotton

11 7-4-1-E-Cocks and Fuchs XXX 01:36
E. XXX - socks and COCKS - Fat COCKS bit - how juvenile. Sausage fest. No wonder no CHICKS. Better, sleeping half. FUCKED him. Endless FUCHS.

12 Lemur - PR_Gnus1389 00:43

13 7-4-1-G-Quoteless Bobbies-Stang Ranch X-Day-Philo bad 07:16
G. New Bobbies on Facebook can't spell "Bob". Pickles-Up Truck - Mistaken Identities at X-Day Drills - Rev. Christian, Rev. Christian Blatter. X-Day at Stang Ranch? Dinosaurs everywhere.

14 Jimmy Durante - Ink a Dink a Do 02:49

15 7-4-1-F-No surfing-Susie and Pils X 03:57
F Millennials glued to phones - Hal can't surf here, no surface, surface tension. Two women just entered the room! Susie and Lucy. MRSR ensconced in Flooze balcony. Heart of gold, brain of swiss cheese. Stang's house decorated in Flooze/McPhee. Her painted rocks. Grandsons learned word SHIT from her art. Susie brings "Take Two Pils" glass. Stang gives her Pils. Sugar. Sandy Boone Productions. Stang has luggage.

16 Lemur - PR_Gnus1391 00:48

17 7-4-1-H-Show Start-1998 pils exp - Philo vs Stang-Al Dipantsio-Red Bastard X 04:53
Philo phone scolding - Show is starting NOW! 1998, Pils expired! Gotta get up at 6 am tomorrow - girl noises - Philo annoys - Stang the censor - In-Depends-Pants Day. Al Dipantsio, Tube Bar Calls mitations. Song: "Red Bastard was a Friend of Mine."

18 The Rudy Schwartz Project - My Republican Neighbor X 03:20

19 credit RSP 00:17

20 7-4-1-I-Robots vs Robutts vs. Robitussin vs. RobitThemin-Robot Lunch -Jacking on-Philo bad X 03:18
21 7-4-1-J-PhilosFarmXDay-Hal jumped off cliff - PHDrummond 03:47
Drummond's Farm - Face on fire - Hal jumped off a cliff for $1 - $2 bills - PHDrummond

22 Tthe Psycho Skeletons - Pay To Go Away 02:09

23 Psycho Skul cred 00:07

24 7-4-1-K-Philo Dog-Butt Paste-Whackin-Superheros X 09:58
Playing with sound effects - Dogs and Philo - Stang's curse - Michael Peppe. Toe jam vs. Butt Paste. Rev. Angry Larry's porn shop. Whackin' it. Dog Philo like Stang Grandsons - Irritating Grandpa supervillain. Batman's super power = $. Super hero beliefs, Captain Marvel became a woman.

25 End credit URL 00:57

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