Hour of Slack #1759 - The Billion Asses of God

Radio 59:34 - Internet 60:07

Interspersed with Lemurian collages, two Onan Canobite rants read by Stang, and music by The Rudy Schwartz Project, The Slot Rods, Rev. Watt de Falk and The Psycho Skeletons, most of this is a lively conversation between Dr. Hal, Dr. Philo Drummond, Lord Angry Larry, and Rev. Ivan Stang from the second hour of the July 4, "2019" show at 22X-Day, recorded live in front of an audience. A SMALL audience, but hey. It's still live and lively. There is much discussion of Bible movies versus Bible books, especially the story of Noah's Ark. Later, Stang unfortunately attempts to preview the pop rock pot rot dog X-Day opera he and Wei have written, "BUDDY." (With apologies to Pete Townsend.)

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro852 00:29
2 LeMur - Noize2 00:08
3 LeMur - PR_Gnus1382 00:34
4 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Brain to Lung 04:10
5 Stang credits and general intro 00:52
6 Stang reads Onan - Sermon on Hypocrisy 02:30
7 22X-7-4-Hour2-HalPhiloLarry-Noahs Ark X 14:35
Onan's Dymaxion SubSITE - Bucky Fuller - good Stang angry rant on The Photo "Bob" - "Bob's" early modelling jobs. Argument about the photo versus the halftone and "Bob's" history as a model. "Bob" doesn't age. Bible characters 900 years old. Methusalah. Noah's sex with his daughters. Noah's Ark sank on Stang Ranch and we have the wreck and the escaping dinosaur tracks to prove it. The Noah's Ark museum in Kentucky - its narrow isles causes visitors to frot each other. How they get the hippos out? Having to walk behind a hippo - flings shit as it walks. The NOAH'S ARK movie. The issues of feeding the animals and washing out their excrement. Like baby shit -- feed it to the monkeys. Two flies, two mosquitos. Please use scat or flop or feces. Ejecta. Effluvience. Is Noah's Ark lesson over? Want it over? Philo can unleash theme music. Children's Bible Hour with Aunt Bertha, Billy and Timmy. Noah = No Way. Excrement on the Ark: a metaphore shute. The movie with Russel Crowe - not like the book. God won't let Moses enter the Promised Land but allowed him to see God's Ass. ASS. To see God's face would burn him like "Bob" burned Philo. The Million Asses of God.

8 The Slot Rods 02-Top Fuel Drag Coupe 02:22
9 cred Slot Rods to 22X 00:30
10 22X-7-4-HalPhiloLarry-Bands, kid shows, Philos burned face 03:30
Rev Angry Larry's new band, The Billion Asses of God. 1000,000 Leaugues Under My Nutsack. Disco Nutsack was here last year. Susie and the Floozies -- a great Saturday morning kids show for tweens, and Bat Pussy, the kids show. Cartoons all moved to night. Philo's fallen asleep. Philo's face mask, burned by gazing on "Bob's" face. His disguise - enemies would call up all the Wilcoxes in town.

11 LeMur - PR_Gnus1381 00:28
12 LeMur - Frosty_The_Dobbshead1 00:33
13 LC Dave-11-17-F~Stang's DNA test 01:12
14 LeMur - _My_Back2 00:27
15 cred Lemur to 22x 00:10
16 22X-7-4-HalPhiloLarry-Schedule-Dog Philo-BUDDY intro X 04:41
The Schedule -We forget what day it is. Going to bed early because tomorrow is July 5 - don't want to be bleary-eyed for X-Day moment. The Philo device that's causing the horrible bass noise. Must get rid of Philo! He's "fixing" the sound. 60-cycle hum. "The dog did it." FUCK OFF Philo or Fido. FUCK OFF! Philo meand love = Fido =Dog=God. Stang starts singing "BUDDY" rot opera. Stang explains the opera, does more quotes. Where's the funny part with me in it? Where's Welcome to the Camp?

17 We need a break - RSP 00:11
18 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Ass and Hammer 01:58
19 Onan rant (read by Stang) - CorRectal Examinations 00:46
20 22X-7-4-HalPhiloLarry-Falk Song-BUDDY sample lyrics X 10:52
22:39 Rev. Watt de Falk's eyebrows vs. his eyelashes. Moth eyebrows. Sings a SubGenius Hymn rap song! Very short! EYIYIYIYI! Watt deFalk! Welcome to the camp! I'm glad you answered to Bob's call! LOUD HUM! Watt is getting off on his placebo and Pil. Placebos work better than Con meds for mental problems.

StangDoe thought of getting Angry Larry in on the "Buddy" opera. Larry does know Tommy. Susie likes our song! Pete Dogson on guitar. Dog and X-Day perfectly fit into TOMMY. Sample lyrics. Right behind you, I smell your BUTTHOLE - we have it down - all about peeing, crapping, sniffing, escaping, biting mailmen. A pot pop rock rot opera. Stang describes the frenzy of 200 orders and yet instead, let's write a rock opera! We will do Geek Acres when Wei wakes up. You cry at the end of Buddy - because your ears hurt. Tearing things up. Each urination makes a note in my symphony! He makes the rules that FUCK up my Slack. Did you ever see the faces of Bobbies... etc. Out of order but you get the idea. On my escape vessel we can perform it. Stang more Oliver reed than Roger Daltry. The movie TOMMY and Oliver reed. And Jack Nicholson singing. That's Ken Russel, man. Ed Wood with a budget.

21 And now the Psycho Skeletons 00:06
22 the Psycho Skeletons - Overpass copy 01:17
23 22X-7-4-1-P-Pils- Watt de Falk song - -Satan vs SubG - MAD MAG movie dodge - Connie doesn't sell 05:50
24 Stang end 00:12
25 LeMur - Maple Street Song 01:32

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