Hour of Slack #1760 - Testicular Pobucker Circus Clowns

Radio 59:32 - Internet 64:55

This episode's title is also the name of the Rudy Schwartz Project instrumental near the beginning, after the LeMur collages. (All collages in this episode are by Mr. F. LeMur.) We get music new and old, respectively, by The Slot Rods and Dr. Onan Canobite, plus a Lonesome Cowboy Dave classic, "The President's on the Phone," from three Presidents ago. The talk parts were mostly recorded on July 4th of the so-called 2019, on location at the cult compound where the X-Day Drill was held. Dr. Hal, Dr. Philo Drummond, and Rev. Ivan Stang, presiding, along with Rev. Lord Angry Larry. A couple of Brother Russell's prank calls to Christian stations (as "Melba") are referenced and included. There is much detailed discussion of the greatest of the worst movies, as well as of Doc Savage and his son Dork.

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro851 00:20
2 LeMur - PR_Gnus1379 00:39
3 LeMur - Bob_Song1019 X 00:18
4 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Testicular Pobucker Circus Clowns 01:29
5 credit RSP to X-Day 00:54
6 22X-Day - 7-4-19-O-Luciferians - Heaven - Wages of Sin quote 03:49

7 The Rainmakers - Wages of Sin clip 01:40
8 The Slot Rods 07-Dads Rail Job 02:40
9 cred Angry Larry to 22x 01:24
10 22X-Day 7-4-19 - Hour 2B-Hal_AngryLarryWattdeFalk 06:10
Larry on Ed Wood - Manos Hands of Fate remake - can't deliberately make a bad film. Plan 9 as a Good Bad movie - Teenagers from Outer Space and Aminos - unfocused disintegrater ray - Duck Dodgers - Tweety as a baby - Porky never wore pants - Goofy vs. Pluto - logical lapses in cartoons - skin-colored yoga pants - "My sister works in a butcher shop and smokes ham." Master bait.

11 LeMur - Lemur_Song1 00:51
12 22X-Day C-Badfilm-Phils Dick&Farmer-DorkSavage-Fake Bobs X 13:19
Badfilm "The Goat Man" - early avatar of Slack - There you Goat. Goat help us. "Deathbed The Bed that Eats People." Philo booby-trapped the audio. "The Mangler." The Grindhouse - requires walking down a hill. Susie's butt - map of America after X-Day. Showing off pebbles on the radio. Rocks that look like undiscovered states. Hate Talk Radio. Dan Savage vs. Michael Savage. Fred Savage, Clark Savage Junior, Dork Savage - hippie son of Doc Savage by his cousin Pat Savage. Everybody was related to Doc Savage. Philip Jose Dick Farmer's Tarzan vs. Doc. Crossing penises and tearing each other's peckers off. A Feast Unknown. We mailed Farmer pamphlets and Stark Fists in Peoria. No response. Same as Stephen King. At least it didn't kill 'em like Phil Dick, L. Ron Hubbard and Bill Hicks. The story of Betsy Curtis and L. Ron Hubbard. John Waters? Douglas Adams. Frank Zappa liked "Bob." (PISSED off that ASSHOLE in Canada.) The PinKanuck -- no longer on our radar. RNA drops. Stang won't friend anyone who calls themselves Bob Dobbs. So lame! Charley Muck - not lame

13 LeMur - Do_Re_Mi 00:46
14 22X-Day D - WotF Bozos - to Crystal Methodist 03:27
We're in headphones, you idiot!Charley Muck and LETS VISIT THE WORLD OF THE FUTURE. Larry shows ARISE in his store. Bozos now run the world and it's all a hologram. Whole planet cemented over. We'll know in 24 hours. Watt deFalk - alleged phone bank of prank callers live; Aunt Melba. That was The Crystal Methodists tape. Cue cut to Crystal Methodists cut.

15 Brother Russell - Melba in Dallas - Crystal Methodist Bro Russell 01:14
16 Credit Melba to 22x 00:38
17 22X-Day E - Plastic Ocean-pull teeth to fix sound 01:12
We can't hear Mr. Peanut - earthquake in CA - plastic cushion in ocean will minimalize damage - mike probs due to Larry's teeth - pull out the teeth -

18 LeMur - PR_Gnus1380 00:36

19 22X-G-Drug Clowns X 03:38
TA DA! Clowns will be here later. Don't give the clowns drugs. Stang solves the audio problem. Stang thought Rev. deFalk was 24. Nice TITS. With a beard and coolest eyebrows. Rev. Rip Van Winkle. Alcohol in your wine, sir? Fake or real bird noise? President tweeting. Mr Sister drunk, bird in the rafters. This IS Tarzan's, in the brain forest canopy. Princesses arrive. Can sing Geek Acres. Stang's chance to leave. Stang falls asleep.

20Dr. qOnan Canobite - B.O.B. Remix 1 02:50
21 credit Onan to URL 00:36
22 Tarzan's Radio Station with Stang-Doe-Dave, 12-12-19-D-E-Pants-Presidents on the phone 07:46
23 Lonesome Cowboy Dave's Mondo Retardo Band - President's On Phone X 03:13
24 Melba X-Rated 02:03
25 12-12 ad-Dave Fundraiser-Triology 03:13

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