Hour of Slack #1767 - Thank Goodness for Evil

Radio: 59:30 Internet: 61:35

Soothing and jarring music from many Doktors bracket two new rants by Rev. Absent (read by Stang) and Rev. Watt deFalk, and a half hour of onstage radio Slack from 22X-Day Drill featuring Dr. Hal, Rev. Angry Larry and Rev. Ivan Stang... on July 5, after another disappointing failure of the world to end. The Spouters activate a toy robot that turned out to be dangerous, sing the praises of Rev. Susie the Floozie, Creationism vs. Destructionism, and the slogans and aphorisms of "Bob" that can put you in the hospital. Also addressed are Stang's allergies to things like ghosts and aliens, and Rev. Angry Larry's anger.

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro846 00:16
2 LeMur - Noize3 00:13
3 LeMur - PR_Gnus1971 00:39
5 cred Onan 2 RSP 00:19
6 The Rudy Schwartz Project - My Uncle in Saskatchewan 03:25
7 Rev Absent Rant about Xians (read by Stang) XXX 10:10
8 LeMur - NoizeG 00:13
9 Rev. Watt deFalk - rant at 22X-Day Drill XX 04:25
10 The Psycho Skeletons - the Entire Thing 02:24
11 cred Psycho to 22X 01:20
12 22X-Day Drill, 7-5-A - Hal Stang Larry XX 30:22

Susie Collage, Hal and Stang intro, "titles," raving about the sound editing talents and genius of Susie the Floozie. Rev. Angry Larry appears. Sound check - every show starts this way out here. Beer tasting soon. Scedule: auction and Ask Dr. Hal. We were supposed to be destroying the God Damned Vermin, or, hours of griping and moaning. Rant/jams = beer/puking. We have a robot and a dick. Where's Legume's hideous baby robot? Hal examines Laser Strobot disco DJ strobe-bot toy. We have the 4 AA batteries right here. But should we dare? Remember what happened when they turned on CERTAIN alien artifacts... it lights up! If only anyone could see this inert object! The X-Day Mascot Robot because it does nothing. He can carry an offer of peace or a sword. When you activate him, it destroys the planet. Found in our basement after it had been theoretically emptied. It's BOOBY-TRAPPED! It malfunctioned and almost started a fire. SubG parents who want to toughen their kids will love this toy. Extreme choking hazard and will cause flames. Beware of electrication. Poor Strobot symbolized yet another X-Day let-down. Thanks Obama, Thanks "Bob," Thanks Stang. It'll give me time to start the DESTRUCTION EVIDENCE MUSEUM - Stang does ad for the Museum. Fossil Robot Skeleton from the Cretaceous, wreck of Noah's Ark, Alien Fossil Skeleton. The Noah's Ark Museum in Kentucky got flooded and they sued God. God can be bribed; Stang tells of the church in Cleveland that stood in the way of the hospital so they bribed God to destroy the church with lightning. Hospitals as House of God, a slaughterhouse where you go to meet your maker. Angels and demons fighting over each dying soul. Thank Goodness for Evil, It Saved Me from heaven. Strobot could have killed us. Stang's booby-trapped batteries. It's not sarcasm, it's attempted murder. Crabbiness defines Angry Larry. Slightly Miffed Lawrence is the Pink Angry Larry. The Passive Aggressive Angry Larry. More bodies than new faces here at X-Day. We have a full program for them. Normally we have all these VHS tapes, paperbacks, stacks of DVDs and CDs, just dangerous toys. Judging by our audience's clothes, the ones with money aren't here yet. Stang sometimes forgets Bob's aphorisms, and forget the basics like FUCK em if they can't take a joke - rule worth living by. Most of Bob's rules will put you in the hospital. "Eat that hamburger" taken to the hospital by Stang. Slack has health value above artery-clogging. Hal on yummy junk food, science diet rant, makes Stang hungry. When's the pot luck dinner? We have the pot and the paper plates. The pancake breakfast? Tomorrow. And SAINT SCRAPPLE'S DAY. Stang got up at 6 oclock am!! Bad pick for time of Rupture! Any day is X-Day when you have a gun. Message from Gov. Rocknar - "Every day is X-Day when you live in Colorado." Implying legal marijuana = X-Day. Frop is different. Need the allergy treatment. Must reach inhaler! I need more allergies! Gimme a hit of that pollen! Poem of the Butthurt Bears. (Stang coughs pitifully.) Stang's been a hermit in a cedar forest, deep in the woods, affected him; cactus mites and cedar, bubonic mites got into his blood. Ol' Brer Rattlesnake. Angry Larry's tarantula encounter as a child. He gets abducted now and then. Aliens programed Stang to only dream about them. They just use the Night Grey Dreams and dream probes. Programmed him not to see flying saucers. That fateful night in South Dakota when Stang and an Indian went, on horseback, looking for the flying saucer. When you want them to come, that's when aliens play hard to get. These were probably just no-account Greys, not Xists.

13 LeMur - Short_Songs06 00:07
14 Stang Intro 22X music 01:07
15 22X-Day, 7-4 Night Jam Instrumentals#2 - RevX is a Frop God! 03:38
16 Onan Canobite - I Think Backwards excerpt 00:49
17 cred onan URL 00:27

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