Hour of Slack #1768 - Ranting in Negativland The Rerun


Rerun of #468 -- exactly 1,300 shows ago! About half is a reproduction of the first part of a 1990s Negtivland double CD, "Time Zones Exchange Project." (We suspect it's mostly a special Over the Edge show from KPFA in Berkeley by the late great Don Joyce.) In between, Stang does quite a bit of ranting about the (newly-invented) Internet and the place of The Church of the SubGenius in it. There's also a pretty good string of Young Stang's rather forceful and colorful answers to audience questions at a Starwood Festival of those olden days. This is the first of the masterpieces we'll be re-running occasionally, copied from the original Hour of Slack cassette tape masters of the 1980s and 1990s... now that we have all those master tapes in one place (the new climate-controlled, very expensive DobbShed on Stang Ranch in Texas), and have added a cassette player back into Tarzan's Secret Radio Station for the first time since about 2010.

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Past-Stang intros Negativland's Time Zones Exchange Project.
Time Zones Exchange Project clips
Modern 2020 Stang explains rerun show #468

Time Zones Exchange Project Part 1 (Mostly Don Joyce on Over The Edge show, something involving Mr. Friday's trips to Russia, Seepy-Sate, the evil Dicky Diamond and his Media Shifter, the Soviet NetWeb, and outer space (?)) - 12 minutes

Stang on-air credits, ((old Negativland address removed)), rant about Negativland's trials and tribulations, and self-distribution. Background music by Ozric Tentacles. This show is late -- Stang's excuses: not Revelation X book release date (Nov. 22!), or flea-bitten shows coming up ((details removed)), but Stang has been finally learning how to use the newly-invented INTERNET! "The Stark Fist of Removal Magazine Online." Stang explains the Internet to newbies! Internet = an invisible place like Heaven or Hell. ("Eventually we'll have all this in our pockets.") Alt.slack explained. AOL's SubGenius section. Description of fanboy and troll problems on Usenet, as opposed to the infinite potential for non-dumbasses. Stang's naive plans for online Church on Usenet. Categories of Usenet plain-text Online Fist, suggestions. (Remember, the Web had not quite been invented yet.) "Rev. Stang, I don't care about all this modernistical future internet blather, so shut up!"

Negativland - Time Zones Exchange - Dr. Thomas is being interviewed re: C. Elliott Friday's ancient astronaut experiments on Sandimanians. The vast world order. 1820: "Electricy makes Magnetism; make magnetism produce electricity" Friday's discovery: 1831. Mister Friday (the world's most mysterious tycoon"now controls the world. How did Friday know the future? Supergenius! But how'd he get so rich?

Stang rant at Starwood: The SubGenius industrial diet and grandma face sandwich. Dobbs' admonitions sometimes meant humorously. No SubG takes orders from any other SubG. We won't tell you who to vote for. "Bob" doesn't even know you but he hates you. You're not alone; "Bob" hates you. (Still only $20 Membership!) Good and evil are one thing on his level. "Bob" COULD be meeting with Dan Quail to release another retrovirus. We don't question "Bob"! Don't use your MIND in religion!! The soul is not located in the gonads but in the sole of the foot, and actually made of hair like a rhino horn or fingernails. $50,000 to anyone who can prove "Bob" doesn't exist. "Bob's" shoe size - size 12 Brogans. "Bob" ate spam. Next Rocky Horror, Dr. Who, MST 3000! The Nissan "Bob" commercials: "Yield to Bob" etc. "Why should rich guys have all the luck?" The Con studies us and steals our ideas. The cutesy, silly Bob. Bob on a silver platter. When "Bob" becomes popular we'll be GONE. When they start selling you Church air for one soul per breath. Geeks on the Net who think they know about the Church. The Canadian False Bob. Pastor Craig brings out the Bob Dean CD and Legume smashes it with his Spike. Stang on convenience store speed. Ephedrine doesn't cut it! Caffeine doesn't do the trick. (Hendrix version of Sunshine of Your Love in bg).

NEGATIVLAND - American Broadcasting System. America losing its values. Great values at Hastings! The Piddle Diddle Report. Doug Piddle and Bill Diddle and HOWLAND ISLAND and Universal Media NetWeb and pharmaceutical labs. The recent Soviet coup attempt. Gorbachev's secret camera. The transinfiltration device perhaps? Is Friday dead? Peter calls in from Russia... space network from Mr. Bush at the White House - Peter fades out.

Stang credits Negativland, PO Box (revised). The PObuckers at the P.O. The email addres -- on America Online! Ahaha! "Like a pO Box that never closes!" The Con can monitor every keystroke on that little box. How it's a challenge to keep radio show "clean".

Dr. Hal on Puzzling Evidence Show, from Phineas's compilation tape. The Small Mind Administration.

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