Hour of Slack #1775 - 22X-Day Microdosing


Recorded in Caffeina's at Wisteria on 22X-Day (July 5, "2019"). Dr. Hal, Rev. Angry Larry, and a mysterious newcomer, Rev. "Chip," fill the voids left after Stang and Drummond vacate their Tarzan's Radio Station folding chairs and mics. Some jamming by The Slot Rods and others, and LeMur collages, are used as seasoning. Topics include: X-Day errors and failures. Monster movies. Monster High. Monster highs. "We like clowns, they taste funny." Clowns on drugs and on fire. Trophies taken by the Xists. Horror hosts as ShorDurPerSavs. Ask Dr. Hal preview. Ticks and other monsters of X-Day at Wisteria. Advice on drugs. Hal's problem with smart phones. Rev. Chip's 12 Step Program.

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1 LeMur - PR_Gnus1800 00:45
2 LeMur - HOS_Intro500 00:07
3 LeMur - BobSong09 00:34
4 Intro 22X-Day 00:27
5 22X-7-5-A2-Hal Stang Larry 1B X 13:49
6 22X-7-5-con't to Jam X 03:02
Watched saucers never arrive. Stang is so sharing and kindly. Poor old El Ron... didn't mean to help kill him. Pollen wafting through Caffeina's on X-Day. How many times have the dates been changed? Wonders of the deep, monsters of the air, all on this show. (Cut bad sound - ) Hans Salter music House of Mommies - House of Jaws - Monster High mythos and movies. Full of inside jokes - Draculaura, Frankie Stein; daughter of the Mummy walks with a slight limp. Gil and Laguna. Daughter of Cthulhu turned out to be Daughter of the Kraken. MH webisodes were our "crack." When will we see Pixar Hot Rod Monster cartoons? Grim Fandango. First X-Day for the Bookvitches. Son of Muruga Booker. Somebody has to break the silence. Monster movie music. We had suspense this morning for ten minutes -- the 24th X-Day Drill. Stang wasn't there in 2018 so they stared at Philo instead. The problem with the red and green tickets. Susie handed out GREEN tickets for the Saucers but it was the RED tickets we were SUPPOSED to have. If it's pils next time, take both! We're desperate! Some day it'll happen. Stang now lives 1000 miles away, deep in a forest with just dogs.//

OH SHIT the clowns are here! Now It's Uptight Larry. Don't Give Drugs to the Clowns! We love clowns! They taste funny! Spreading their flaming baby weiners. Many have been injured by the clowns' stunts, driving over flaming school bus. There was some JAMMIN' last night. Rev X was doing Beefheartian guitar, Angry Larry on drums AND bass. Wei on flute.

7 22X-7-4 Night Jam Instrumentals-3-RevX is a Sex God! 01:47

8 22X-7-5-B-Hal-Stang-Larry-Chip 2 X 27:07
No mics up there... We're missing parts since Xists take something every year. Hope they're having a ball with my immune system... and memory, morals, hair. Trophies, like Predator head, Alien, human, the Bleeding Head, and all Presidents. The BABY that Legume had, that gave Stang his second heart attack and the vision of 5/7 instead of 7/5. GWAR and Oderus, Sexecutioner, Beefcake now the vocalist. Stang did wedding for Sexecutioner. The day Legume's globe full of fake blood splashed all over the GWAR member who meant to be on vacation! Likewise, at 1998 x-day the only injury in the Bleeding Head shrapnel incident was the one DOCTOR. Someone else's belly dance. "There's nothing I can do." Sleezy P. Martini's show and Angry Larry's Sir Graveson show both on OSI74 on the Roku network. Sir Graves Ghastly in Detroit. Son of Ghoulardi etc. The Fort Worth horror host, GORGON on "Nightmare" on Channel 11 -- the station owner, Bill Camfield. His tragic personal life. Yet he was Icky Twerp the daily crazy kid show host on Slam Bang Theater. Never thought we'd see that stuff again but now there's kinescopes on YouTube. His pet apes Ajax and Delphinium were the cameramen. Iconic local thinkers of your childhood that made you a SubGenius. That guy that sold used cars on late night TV was one of your ShorDurPerSavs. Philo doing sign language. Stang berates Philo's laziness to get him onstage. THE SOUND GOES BAD.
((Talk of the Roku show - bad sound. VERY bad sound.)) How bad the sound was before Philo even got there. Changes the Bell curve. Stick it in James Watt - SubGenius TV on the Roku, channel OSI74. Sleezy's show. Philo and Larry leave.

Stang leaves, Chip takes his place. Hal on X-Day rumors. Chip's Tarot Cards blind readers. ((Bad sound - Ask Dr. Hal.)) Preview of Ask Dr. Hal Show. Joy D'Vieve question. Why the Blue Ridge Mountains are blue. Blues shot up the shaft. Each piece is a fractal of the whole mountain.
Why Hal wears his multi-piece suit in the heat: pockets. "In the New World, we won't need pants." Ticks and viruses of X-Day. How ticks do it. Now the listeners can feel them crawling in. The Kissing Bug horror. The Sonoran Desert bio-region's monsters. Hal has a Scorpion Light -- they fluoresce. Chip's finger Death-Light. Meant to be a nice ET light. The incompatibility of phone systems as an excuse all the time. Hal rant bout phones. Not into dating apps./ Hal's troubles getting into the modern radio studio door locks that require a phone and app that doesn't work. Had to buy a cell phone just to get into station. Hal has to pay station. ((Cut some stuff)) Did you get up at 7 for the rupture? Hoping for them to burrow up from the Hollow Earth. The protocols of "Bob". Something about beer drinking. ((CUT)) Philo comes to check out the Big Dick Head. Will there be GUITAR PLAYING??

9 The Slot Rods - Rat Under Glass 02:31

10 22X-7-5-c-Hal n Chip X 06:57
Do you sleep well? Haven't slept yet. Chip will harvest the spiders from the trails. Make 'em fight the ticks. ((CUT stuff about beer tasting and gossip re Stang and Wei, presents and gifts - Hal rant on fossils -- Hour of Slack jabber --)

DRUGS YAK - Microdosing LSD - ((cut bulldada auction crap)) Ol' Sequaw is female and the giant snapping turtles are her hatchlings. Bobtism vs. the last 12 Steps that Chip took. One escalator, 1 step. Inferior to Church. ((Bulldozer in the background for Starwood - )) Chip leaves, Hal thanks. When the Xists don't appear we muct examine our principles.

11 LeMur - BobSong06 00:38
12 Chuck Wirstrom -Gut Blowout 02:08

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