Hour of Slack #1780 - Welcome to the Bobbie Pleasure Ship Factory!

Radio: 59:58 Internet: 1:01:21

Rerun of Hour of Slack #664 from early 1999, featuring the late Prof. Chas Smith's amazing edit of best SubGenius moments from his ESO Swamp Radio show with Stang and Lonesome Cowboy Dave, and several "Bob" hymns by Einstein's Secret Orhcestra (his "ESO Volume 10" special tape). We also hear ESO, Stang, and Lonecow Dave live at a November 1998 devival at the Euclid Tavern in Cleveland. King of Slack Bill T. Miller has two songs in this episode. This whole episode is a great example of the ESO/Hour of Slack barrage-edit and music collaboration at its peak.

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Intro "And the Gods Made Love" from In from the Storm Hendrix tribute

ESO Volume 10 (editted by Chas Smith from his show and tapes and music, with Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Michele George, Bob Mozik, Rev. Bleepo Abernathy, Princess Wei R. Doe, Stang) -- "EARTH IS A GIANT BALLOON"

"Who Could It Be" Stalker Song


LONESOME COWBOY DAVE live at Euclid Tavern devival, 11-8-98, Part 2;

ESO at Euclid devival: "FAITH HEALER", and Stang preaching on Unemployed Germans Demanding Vacation Pay

ESO Vol. 10: LCD and Stang: "Dave Back in the Institution", Stang as Dave's Robot Psychiatrist

ESO song: "THERE IS ONLY ONE SIN" (new Chas solo slow JUNGLE version)

Great "BOB" rockets collage

ESO Volume 10 continued: Stang as Dave's Robot Shrink; collage re: reentry;

Great CHAS INSTRUMENTAL with Stang "Bob Loves You voice-over: "He'll Bob You Out"

Chas Smith song: "THE LITTLE CONNIE"

Spacehips collage; Dave sweats on radio;


ESO Radio: "Greys Who are Human-Lovers -- Primophiles"

Space collage; radio Stang "We Terrans will be shoeshine boys for the Galactics"; "Bob's" Bad Blood; "Sex with God"; "Aliens Hiding in Plain View"; "Medusa Versus Rev. Gorgonzola"


ESO Vol 10: "The 100th Lemming; The 1200th Monkey"; :48*FUCK* "Sex with God";

Chas Smith ESO song: "FEELING GROOVY"

Stang credits

"ONE RAINY WISH" from In from the Storm Hendrix tribute

BILL T. MILLER/ DRUM ARMY : Cut #13 (great hypnosis tape remix!)

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