Hour of Slack #1785 - ESO Swamp Radio Classic Part 2: Lonesome Cowboy Dave in Space

Radio: 59:52 Internet: 62:40

This is the second part of that old recording that's not a rerun, because we never ran it uncut and unmarred. This is as close to the master recording off WCSB Cleveland's cassette deck that we'll get. It was recorded July, 1994, right around X-Day 6. Participants on this ESO Swamp Radio episode were host the late Prof. Chas Smith, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei, and Rev. Ivan Stang.

Speaking of X-Day, we'll be doing a virtual meet-up this week until the Saucers come and take us away. The details will be on subgenius.com if you want to join us on Zoom, starting July 5. We will attempt to record Hours of Slack each afternoon, via teleconference! Starwood festival is also being done that way.

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It’s time we dipped the chocolate covered prairie squid... stepped on the guitar computer... caller and book quote.
LeMur - Title

Stang Intro

The Head is Launched for Thee... or Janor. Tired of that cosmic stuff. Down to that earthy good ol’ time stuff. LCD tired of modern day stuff... GREAT... we could be space travelling billionaiires! It burns me up. You guys sound like idiots.
BEAT ME TO A PULPIT... Dave on the Heunh sound. OM vs. Heunh. peters out.
Not funny... put the gun down Dave... Just give me the keys to the truck... Dave goes to the hive chamber... too bad about his mind.
Dave raves, apocalypse 1998... Nostradamus prophecy 1999 King of Jokery, Edgar Cayce and Jacques Cousteau, caller ... WAKE UP DAVE, it’s just a dream... Oz reality dream...
How’d I get here? We’ve been orbitting... in the little can. Chest burster... you signed up! You thought the corp was a great idea! The little capsule... you didn’t read the fine print! You keep having these dreams thinking you’re back on earth thinking you’re doing these radio shows... The Space Hyena and scorpion rooster creature. Can’t look at your own eye... Take astress pill, Dave. Confronting Dave with his hallucinations. Can’t run from your own legs. LJ: The one eye can see the other eye. (JANOR) Metaphysics... can’t hide from Bob. Stupider than even YOU -- that’s the miracle of it.
Caller... hurled convicts at Jupiter. Cool executions... OJ rednecks... Bababooie...
MIDNIGHT rant -- the evil swamp of those who shouldn’t be on the streets... LCD bum.... homeless routines... the Third Rail... I wanna be just like Bob, pee on that 3rd Rail... insane noise...
Old C&W song, anti Commie song. "Bob’s" no commie... would sell you the shirt off your back. SONG con’t.
LCD shrinking intellect bedtime story..
Glad I got that on tape.
19:31 Bob was androgynous... androgyny yak, makes me uncomfortable... if I had the wig, it’d be okay... gotta be in the mood.

LJL & Connie Merkin... REVELATION X -- merkin on her head. If they can just bust free their chains! NAIL it to the table! (PAUL) Explanation of the Merkin... Sinatra’s colostomy bag vs. Bob’s pipe. Bob’s pipe is an amplifier... not the controller. Is there any Bob left, or just pipe. The autopsy showed Bob only had one beer. How many did you have?

Magic merkin ferrets, the plague was carried by fleas, those foolish medieval people vs. our advanced medical treatment. (I like to be bled.)

The Rupture... who can you truss? Who will give you that feeling of support? My thorax tried to pop out... Craniums & septums. Raving... cosmic... The Guy Deuel Septum Painting Story. (PAUL & GUY) The evil septum... Elvis Swordfighting black velvet picture...
The Dogs playing poker painting will come true after X-Day in downtown bars. Mongreloids... transformations into celebrities... Bob-Dog-JFK surgery... teenager fads of the future! Teenage girls who look like Snoopy. People who look like Bob...
How’d you change? I’m not a joker, I’m an Ace! 52 in a deck... 10 of clubfoots.

SIDE 2 part 2
Caller with request, retarded people talking in my head!!
Sea Monkeys spore LCD... Trying to hear Bob...
LCD’s monolog, bored in space... trying on the Mr. Peanut Suit... The Mr. Peanut Fantasy. Kind of sad... is his suit overmedicating him? Why old ad figures? Tell the Cruelty Department... they can start implanting EVIL Mr. Potatoe-Head. Dave raving...
Does he have any inkling that his silly antics are being broadcast to all the people of earth on the crazy astronaut chanel? Someday he’ll be channel surfing and come upon the channel with him on it.
DAVE! Check your stabilizer! You’re in a spin! Turn up the oxygen switch! Panicing in the suit when the cleansing fluid... Dave raving to himself with computer... It’s just us, the voices in your head. We didn’t want you to be alone.
((Comforting Dave) Trying to get the cat off the control panel... the cat’s mutated... try to make friends with it! The cat spider could teach us things. Go on in there Dave. ... Comfort it with music, Dave. The war department is very interested in your little Tabby. ))
And we’ll be back to The LCD Flipping out in Outer Space Channel after these words.

LeMur - PR Gnus

Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. Let ‘Em Eat Green Cheese.
(Space FX) Is there any coffee on this spaceship? Dave, you have some whiskey stashed someplace... Lost in Space... waiting for his suit to put him to sleep... his suit fed him, lulled him, evacuated his bowels... The Suit punishes and rewards.
Glad he signed up... suit filling him with pride... Zero Gravity Toilet...
more SUIT in Space stuff... taking his helmet off... trying to light cigaret through helmet... Dave talking to his suit...
DAVE SINGS TO HIS SUIT... talking to himself... Dave’s stream of consciousness... The Suit is your girlfriend... it’s clamping down... form-fitting isn’t it? That’s enough... turn off that function. Now flop him around for his exercises... 5 years of this... he’ll probably hit some asteroid. Think of the desert island cartoon men... Abandoned on a distant moon... the Note in the Bottle... in the radio waves, like you’ve just done for the last 2 hours.


Stang Outro
LeMur - Noiz #2b

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