Hour of Slack #1787 - 23X-Day's Zoomin' Start

Radio: 59:24 Internet: 63:51

We're going to 23X-Day, right in our own homes. The centerpiece is a face-peeling new X-Day rant by the great preacher Father Joe Mama. Much of this episode also samples audio from the first hour of the first day of the first X-Day held entirely online by teleconferencing. Most of X-Day week this roomful of Zoombies was a free-for-all, but we started with this attempt at a traditional "live" X-Hour of Slack limited to mainly Old Radio Doktors: Dr. Hal, Dr. Philo Drummond, Uncle Dr. Onan Canobite, Rev. Ivan Stang and Pissbaptist John Shirley, with Professor Pontius Pressure engineering and hosting. Rev. Modemac later joined in. This is very edited, because everybody could see each other and were constantly referring to greenscreened background visuals or "Show-and-Tell" display of objects -- frustrating to the blind radio audience later. It's interspersed with classic 1980s SubGenius Media Barrage album clips, LeMurian seasoning, The Psycho Skeletons, Danny Elfman "so-lo," and two Doktor songs by the new Dobbs Youth band, SubG Kids. During the teleconference, the conversation turned with surprising frequency to extremely speculative theories about dinosaurs, including Ghost Dinosaurs, Gas-Bag Dinosaurs, and even Moon Dinosaurs.

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro 204 00:15
2 LeMur - Clamlad_Of_Bal_Jedpett 00:23
3 cred LeMur Stang intro 00:23
4 MB X-D 1 00:15
5 MB-X-Day 02 00:38

6 23X7-1a-1MB-masks-shirts off X 08:26
Media Barrage start. Philo and Pressure invites John Shirley in. Asking mutants to unmute. Stang's youthful attempt to be normal. Philo proved he could quit smoking pot. You can't unmute but you can wear the Masks of Insanity. Onan mentions Asks of Insanity. Modemac gets in. Straight Men, Hate Men. Stang's few FB friends - face to face not book to book. Rev. Dominque Stigmata joins. Dr. Hal appears in his Fez of Sight, his Ascot Dr. Hal, the Fez what Sez. The Zoom green-screen effects. Talking to the Viewing audience -- screw you Radio Listeners! Will the ladies take shirts off?

7 SubG Kids - Smart Chicks 03:20
8 credit SubG Kids 00:26

9 23X7-1a-2-Ghost Dinosaur Tracks-Moon Skull 07:21
Pressure's Carpenters t-shirt in They Live scene. They Live = The Matrix. / Where's Wei? Carried off by Pterodactyl. Fossil ones can't fly far. Were there zombie dinosaurs? And do robots have ghosts? Stang's dinosaur ghost tracks in his creek. Tiptoing ghost dinosaurs, floating on giant icebergs. Hell Ranch, Hell Creek fossil beds. Gas bag dinosaurs that could float and tiptoe. Dinosaurs on the moon. The Moon is a skull, hollow and rings... or a giant egg. Gotta feed the monster.

10 MB X-Day Dr Moribund 03 00:55
11 MB Kill Me Track 04 00:34

12 23X7-1a-3-EyeTats-ZXanthia-Dinosaurs 11:00
Challenge of SuperFriends?-no challenge when you're super. Audience can't see the backgrounds, but can send away for Magic Lantern slides and burn images into eyes with Klieg lights. To see Green energy Demons, just look at the sun. Branding Irons for the eyes. Dobbs tattooed on their eyes. Prison eyeball tattoos. / Zxanthia? Her Bob and her Bobs, her nudist resort, perfect for X-Day. Good fortune comes to those that join the Church? Zxanthia the fossil hunter. Shoggoth arrives. Why you never hear pterodactyls urinate. Dinosaur language? Esperanto with movements and color changes. Winter in Eden books with intelligent saurians. Sex scene with dinosaur queen and cave boy. Their tools are genetically modified animals. John Shirley does bee dances to call bees. But don't get the dance wrong! Beard of bees. Our dino ancestors still judge our bad sound. Humans derived from therapods? All animals have the same body set-up... except Burgess Shale creatures. Stephen Jay Gould wrote a book about the alien Burgess Shales creatures.

13 Danny Elfman - Cool City 03:26
14 Creds Elfman to Papa Joe 01:05

15 Papa Joe Mama - Xday Rant 2020 2.0 09:35

16 MB XDay Celebration 06 01:01
17 SubG Kids - Who Are We 01:38

18 23X7-1a-4-End o World & 23?-SalvOrDes-BobTatScar 06:55
Modemac question about Bob - Coincidence it's 23? Onan send that dollar -- we turned up the heat a bit. Say, "I think NOT!" Me No Think. Eieieieiei not. Everybody thought 2019 was worst year ever. Now think it can't get worse... WWII, Trump could be reelected. Salvation or destruction? Secret Service came to Stang's door about that, then People magazine reprinted it. Stang LIED? Anything a SubG says becomes doctrine. Onan's first Dobbshead, 1982. Rare, now you just cut the Bob tat off a hipster. /

19 LeMur - Bob_Song1021 00:29
20 the Psycho Skeletons - Tomorrow's Tomato 02:58
21 cred Psycho -url 00:19
22 LeMur - Noize7 00:23

23 Triology Soaps ad 01:07
24 FreethinkRadio ad 1 00:47

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