Hour of Slack #1788 - Zoom Two 23X-Day

Radio: 59:45 Internet: 78

We continue with the Virtual X-Day on Zoom from July 1, but it's heavily interspersed with media barrage clips from our early albums and some '90s devivals, and some new music and musical collage from SubG Kids, The Psycho Skeletons, and new contributor Sheridan... and an old song from Danny Elfman's solo album. And a salute to the late Ennio Morricone. Guests on the Zoom "stage" included Dr. Hal, Uncle Onan Canobite, Dr. Philo Drumoond, Rev. Stang, Pissbaptist John Shirley, Modemac, and host Professor Pressure. The internet version is much longer than the radio version, with some SubGenius History as well as a paleontology lesson about a little-known Cretaceous life form called rudists -- which may be of interest to SubG purists, Junior Scientists and collectors but we thought may be too "inside" for broadcast radio.

The Internet section also contains some bad news: Lonesome Cowboy Dave is in the hospital with heart problems, and is going to need all the help he can get once they get him back on his feet. Please send fan mail to Dave via stang at subgenius dot com!

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro205 00:33
2 MB (Media Barrage) Track 08-Stang Meyer NPR 00:54
3 MB 09-Dave drives your saucer 01:09
4 MB 10-Meyer rant-GGG mutant gland 00:39
5 Danny Elfman - Only Makes Me Laugh 04:02
6 LeMur - PR_Gnus1302 00:33
7 credits-Stang Intro 02:10
8 23X-Day Zoom, 7-1a-C-Behavior at X-Day 00:50
9 MB 13 No place Like Bob 00:46
10 MB 14-Bob Down in the Saucers-O 00:48
11 MB 15-Plan to infect key men 00:12
12 23X7-1a-D-Old SubG Wisdom-eating each other 01:15
13 MB 16-Aliens on the rocket 01:04
14 MB 17-Alien cannot use a dead man 00:05
15 LeMur - PR_Gnus1303 00:23
16 SubG Kids - Normal XX 03:38
17 credSubGKids 00:58
18 23X7-1a-E-XdayPast-Corporate Zoom-DobbsDots 05:37
19 MB 20 We're all extraterrestrials 00:44
20 MB 24-Next year I want MORE 00:16
21 MB 25-Earth we must get off 00:16
22 MB 29-Gimme Shelter by Tom ___ 00:45
23 Credits into Morricone 01:19
24 Danish National Symphony Orchestra - The Ecstasy of Gold 03:21
25 23X7-1b-F-Pretzels-XD photos-MaleStuff-RobinHood XX 08:32
26 the Psycho Skeletons - Keep Current 02:05
27 cred Psycho to Chas 00:14
28 MB 23 - Chas lift-off - Atlantis 01:50
29 MB 21-7 am countdown, eotw 01:34
30 MB 07-Stang Devival End X 01:25
31 cred Sheridan 00:46
32 Sheridan 02 - Adrift 13:13
33 Stang Outro - radio version end. 00:25
34 Internet Only Dave Plea 02:44
35 Intro to SubGenius 101 01:11
36 23X7-1a-Zoom-HoS-Pamphlet1 history - RUDISTS lesson 11:28

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