Hour of Slack #1793 - Star-Studded HoSlack #3 from 1985! Bias

Radio and Internet: 59:54

A rerun of, get ready, Hour of Slack Number Three from October 1985. We had done only two prior shows in the crude KNON Dallas studio, and Stang was obviously still unfamiliar with the equipment. The amazing things about this episode are the special guests: three of the key early SubGenius Doktors were all somehow in Dallas that week. We had just done the Scary Ball Devival at the Twilight Room with Drs. 4 Bob. The oldest known SubGenius, Dr. G. Gordon Gordon had come for that... from BRAZIL. The normal-age Dr. Gary G'broagfran was there from Berkeley, and the then youngest SubGenius, Dr. Onan Canobite had come from Knoxville Tennessee. We ALL sound like BABIES. Miraculous! -- that everyone on that recording is still alive. PROOF OF "BOB" right there, my fellow prayer partners. Or... payer partners.

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Old media barrage and stumbling start. Bring those things that you keep in your drawers. Intro of guests.
Puzzling Evidence Show excerpt with Gary, Doug, Hal, Bob Nelson -- storm inside KPFA station - back to KNON live. Illegal to drive the show on the street in Dallas. No air in this station! Welcome GGG of Dobbstown. We survived the devival at Twilight Room and have tapes of it. Buck Naked gave a mantra to a caller: "Who gives a __?" Forgive us, hate the Con. Show fell on Onan's foot. Onan is only a tape recording. Can't cram this many guests into that many radios. Buck on Solo Clenches. Onan started one and it schizmed all over itself. We encourage infighting between denominations. Denominations must not dominate! Rev. Hearsay said so. KNON is a NON-station. Music by SubGs could include George Clinton and DEVO, and Dr. Onan's Wotan Band.

Dr. Onan's One Man Wotan Band - antimusic excerpt - Negativland excerpt - You guys act like a bunch of babies! What of Ru-Mouse? California dieties vs. Texas dieties. What about "Bob"? The Conspiracy pays better... but not as much fun. Intro to tape from Doktorz 4 "Bob" performance at Twilight Room devival.

Drs. 4 "Bob" - You Cain't Hide from God (live at Scary Ball)

We have so many people waiting outside the station for three days just to say Hi Mom. Buck hates that ol' demon. Shouldna married that demon! Shouldna paid taxes to that demon! Free offer from Buck for Subs only: free Nunu Sex Cult pictures. The First Naked Church of the SubGenius. Waiting for it to be straight up - stimulate that radio. This is a scary show! Buck station ID and mockery.

PuzEv - "You DID sign the Application." / What planet are we on? It's all planned. - KPFA old show excerpt. - media barrage -

Don't reveal the plan of Bohandas or Wolwo! Halloween coming! You can't stop hearing these SubG shows. Call in/ don't call. Buck gives number to call. What about The Head?!? Old MB: No sign of Wellman. Must get the Head inside the lead lined vault.

Drs. 4 Extreme Prejudice - Bleeding Head of Arnold Palmer

The prodigal tapes go out but return eventually. World devival crusade. Gary's from San Francisco -- RUN! Liberalism is not contagious. Bucket of Pils. Twilight Room club description -- hipsters critique. Jon Anders called Drs. 4 "Bob" an "ACT"!

Drs. 4 "Bob" live at Scary Ball - The Explanation (Sternodox vocals)

We can put a locvk on yr soul after you've listened for 43 minutes. We spend your money and breathe your Church air.

Onan Canobite - "B.O.B."

We ran into another show when we were driving this show around last week. "Norm's" show coming up.

KPFA clip Puzzling Evidence -

Those sneaky California shows get smuggled into native Texas shows. Less than a show and less than an hour. Icy Ching-fling: bad news tomorrow it's Monday. We SubG preachers never die but never stop working. Listen to that money burn! Sign off music coming: by Mark Mothersbaugh and Byron Werner. We need $ for the Home for Slackless Children. PO Box old and new. Nice outro sign-off.

Modern Stang outro re: rediscovered box of old special show tapes.

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