Hour of Slack #1795 - Stang, Gordon and Naked on NPR in 1985

Radio: 59:39 Internet: 68:45

This is not exactly a rerun, but it was recorded on Halloween night of 1985. The great SubGenius ranter and assassin G. Gordon Gordon was in town from Bolivia, and we'd been invited to Karen Denard's popular nightly talk show on the Dallas NPR station, KERA. Pastor Buck Naked was also there. This would have been Hour of Slack #4, but, it was a competing station's show so we waited almost three years and then played it in small bits and pieces over several Hours of Slack, around show #150. So this is the first time it's ever been played in its whole one-hour form on Hour of Slack. Many of the callers were Dallas SubGenii, pretending to be new to it. The callers, Buck Naked and GGG were all in very fine form that night, and the host was super cool. Proof that David Letterman's producers shouldn't have been too chickenshit to have us on his show.

The Internet version is "clean," but has a lot of news tacked onto the end, plus some cool Swinging Love Corpses music.

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1 bd_HOS_Intro835 00:18
2 1 Intro 01:13

3 HoS 4.5 - KERA Intervew 57:30
Karen Denard intro. Stang's 5-year "explanation." Liquid Slack. If Earth can make it to the right punchline, it's not a joke. "Bob" and Slack. The Conspiracy of Normals. "Bob's" "death" covered up. "Bob" leads by mistake. Stupid but lucky. "Bob" will be back but there is no heir, just the Scribe. Karen claims Todd Rundgren didn't join Church. "Bob" and Todd. Name dropping George Clinton, DEVO. GGG as Hitman for "Bob." If you admit it no one believes it. Buck on the appeal -- we promise something for nothing, i.e. Slack. Money from "Bob" and the Flying Saucers. X-Day! The Church accomodates ANY belief system. Most religions require work and study and discipline; we don't. We're not doing the work of the devil, though we do have to work with some demons. Caller Tim of Steel Press with question - can you be with "Bob" without being a Member? Do the salute while holding your foot and writing a check. Excremeditation. Too Much Always Better Than. 2nd Caller - "Bob" in the Atari computer. We need hate calls! Caller 3 wants an address. You'll keep hearing this show after you turn the radio off! Book of the SubGenius in the HUMOR section of stores! Caller 4 - The Prophet Margin missed devival to practice pyroflatulation. Wants Third Nostril opened. Caller 5, Justice Bird, killed on the air by the Con! Caller 6 on Death of "Bob." When the Bobbies heard that... they started working. "Death is the greatest P.R. agent." Church after "Bob" like early Christianity... suddenly there were followers instead of partners. We try to make the Norms and Pinks avoid us. Major "Bob" vs. Duarte in El Salvador. False Bobs and Anti-Bob. Buck on the First Naked Church of the SubGenius. Dallas devivals including the Republican National Convention. The Church backs the Blue. We don't advocate blowing up clinics or crimes. Caller 7 on constipation and Oral Roberts. SubGenius healings, sickenings; Media Twins of SubGeniuses. BREAK FOR NEWS (PR Gnus by LeMur) ((Stang corrects credit for last show: "Big In Real Estate" was by Show Business Giants from "Let's Have a Talk with the Dead" -- not Thunk!)

Re-intro to Church by Karen Denard. Caller in phone booth: this is just more religious hype. No; monster made from dead religions. "Bob's" mystic sales ability and religion business. Man worships himself. God created Man in His Image but "Bob" was created in OUR image... some say. Don't marry a human and taint your blood. USE the humans. Only two races: Us and Them, humans and Subs. Subs are Master Race because they come in all colors. Caller Bob -- Buck Naked running against Stark for Mayor -- platform Free Beer, Put "Bob" in the classroom, better street names. "Bob" ran for World Overlord in 1984. Daniel Bass from Ft. Worth - studied cults. What about Jesus? The Fightin' Jesus vs. the namby pamby crybaby hateful Jesus. Which Bible? You are wise if you don't understand us. Serious Jesus caller quoting Bible as if we never heard it before. We have nothing against Xians, they have something against us. We only hate atheists who can't believe in "Bob." What about the 9 Elder Space Bankers? Flying Saucers in Bible times. "Bob" is NOT the Messiah. He DENIES it. Bad news for Buck -- caller saw the AntiBob. Phil from Ft. Worth -- now a believer, saw "Bob" in a vision of plumbobness and the unbeknown. You gotta know nothing to be a smarty-pants. Achieve enlightenment in your spare time. Industrial church, pay Texas sales tax. Money is important to some cultures so we free them from it. Whiff-reading the soul that rubs off on dollar bills. Divinely mystified. Hour of Slack on KNON ad. David from Austin on Obo the antiBob.Jim is the bland Bob brother, Dick is the evil one. All-encompassing Hate. Stang on Slack vs. jobs. False Slack and serving the Conspiracy. Buck breaks the VU meter. Greg the Mormon. We have more Smiths and plates than the Mormons plus a swimming pool of Slack. Just had a devival at Twilight Room. What is Slack? Stang reads from BOOK re: Slack. Buck on Slack. GGG on Slack. "Anyone driving a Porsche doesn't deserve it." Parting remarks. Why Gordon has three names that are the same -- easy to remember. Three last names. PO Box and salute. Wish we could play tapes or do a healing. Fiscal acubeating. The Slack that comes when you stop hitting yourself on the head with a hammer. No time for a Head Launching.

4 Outro 01:06
5 z Internet-Only ads-news 06:33
6 zz FreethinkRadio ad 2 00:40
7 zz Triology ad first take 01:21

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