Hour of Slack #1798 - Stang Sermon at Starwood 2020

Radio and Internet: 59:15

Starwood Festival is usually like a mini-Woodstock. But in 2020, like so many great weirdo festivals, everything had to happen in the Matrix, with all attendees and presenters looking at each other in little boxes on little screens. But, at least we could hang out! Starwood is the one annual venue where Stang is paid to blabber for an hour straight without fear of interruption -- so he tries harder then. He saves the year's best "Bob" quotes and crazy personal stories for Starwood, and even gets intermittently serious. 2020 was a BAD year, and this is Stang's most earnest pep-talk about that. A highlight is the pinpointing of various predictions "Bob" made back in 1982 and earlier, which were published in THE BOOK OF THE SUBGENIUS, and which in too many cases have suddenly come RELENTLESSLY AND UNCANNILY TRUE, ALL AT ONCE. Stang also gives his testimony on "HOW I INFILTRATED THE PROFA MOVEMENT" and reads some carefully selected important excerpts from Neal Stephenson's recent novel FALL, specifically addressing the coming fallen and dangerous culture of rural rednecks who live 24/7 in tailored realities delivered by their portable devices, via a feedback loop that tracks their eyes, blink intervals, and pulse rates -- in other words, how the Internet now is making dumb people much dumber so quickly. There are also some funny parts.

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Welcome to Starwood devival - Moment of Noise - Attention is the purest form of generosity - Pulpit is at Wisteria - We live in the woods but I've been lurking on virtual Starwood. Like Virtual X-Day, the standing-around-talking part is the same! The Matrix isn't really that bad I guess. Almost 40th Starwood - weirdest due to lack of sweating and mud.
40th anniversary of the Church too! And Burning Man.

My first ten years of life seemed much longer than the subsequent 55 years.
Had to Rupture in Place - couldn't get a cruise ship. We let a thousand little X-Days bloom! The Xists have our addresses (as do I), We laughed till our lungs bled anyway. Burning "Bob" bigger than ever, albeit as a miniature set!

Bob preaches Slack and leads by example which is why he's not here. He predicted: It's gonna be a bummer, man. Can anyone argue with that? Thought it couldn't get any worse. Nixon, Reagan, Bushes, etc. -- CAN'T GET WORSE!

It WILL get EVEN WORSE! Buzzards will be the only survivors of the Extinction Event. New Dobbs quote - "It sucks to be born every minute." The Church makes more money in times like this! The Dobbshead t-shirt and bandanas masks making tons of $$. False Slack for the Masses coming.

DATELINE FOR DOMINANCE from 1982 -- thought it wasn't that accurate, but now you see it's ALL accurate for THIS YEAR. Stang reads DATELINE prophecies that all came true. President Watt impeached. Black rogue SubG President. Drugs and nudity on cop show... PresClone ends all aid to poor. A Pink Black woman almost becomes Vice President! PresClone quotes sf movies to describe dumb space program! (UNCANNILY ACCURATE PREDICTIONS!!) A third sex. American dictator - plague - losing faith in medicine, miracle cures replace real meds; artificial food - 20% of America clinically insane - greenhouse effect - return of 7-day work week (aka work at home) - fringe kooks are 43% of USA - fifth civil war - glaciers melting - AntiBob runs globe - schoolteachers tortured - mutant insects - drug-abuse religions! All predicted in BOOK OF THE SUBGENIUS! Available at the swag table subgenius.com!


Local FB pages in small rural Texas town. VERY conservative, fairly small town. Stang's FB friends mostly liberals. Not Profa or Antifa. Antifa has no PO, not even a FACE like us and Anonymous!Then there's the more provincial (not redneck) side. I'm trying to be PC and polite to those FUCKIN' PINKS. Can use Dobbs-approved stereotype terms.

Teenage girl announced BLM rally, rednecks went RABID on FB. Threats of weapons and biker to fight the Antifa army! They really believe this due to badly 'shopped ads, with help of Russians and Chinese.

Righteous indignation is the marijuana of the 2020s. Butthurt is a very powerful drug.

The invisible Democrats of Glen Rose. "Yew don't think white lives matter? Why bring hate to this town." The Greta Thunburg of GR called it off but somebody else did the BLM tribute anyway in the town square. The ProFa people went insane on FB with fear of Antifa army. Locked restrooms = harbinger of a Democratic coup. Announced a prayer meeting for cops, but it was fake news!

There have been events like this where the small town bullies physically attacked and injured protestors. Stang's Black Lives Matter personal reasons. Cleveland friends, Cotton Ed Smith. Stang's funny placard sign ideas that he chose not to use.

Rally was anticlimactic. Demos have better diet. Half at rally were Republican REAL Christians. Hooting good-old-boys with Trump signs. The Antifa army must have been scared away! Just teens and boomers, lot of talk about Jesus, Holocaust survivor, imported black speaker. Spontaneous surprised Black local guy who stumbled on this redneck BLM scene and ranted.

Afterwards the profa people lied and lied on FB. The complex is not as simple as they are. Profa very disappointed that the second civil war happened. They think no Democrat has a gun or motorboat. For one evening though the town square was like Xmas exuding LOVE.

ANTI-MASKERS of Glen Rose and the anecdotal crap they teach each other. Masks as obedience tools, Gates' evil vaccine.
Those folks got the Mark of the Beast on 'em when they joined Facebook.

Stang reads several sections from FALL by Neal Stephenson, specifically the divided America and algorithm madness. Ameristan -- rurals only go to city if they get sick. Can't afford Blue City rooms or food. After the country got Facebooked, dentistry and medicine went to hell, because the people are so dumbed down by the social media with eye tracking and algorithmically generated streams. They destroyed their own infrastructure to "make liberals cry."

The nonsense Internet -- the world no longer reality-based. Only since wireless networks could stream pictures to portable devices, allowed people to live in 24-hr a day tailored reality in a feedback loop with their blink rate! Therefore actual religion is dead.

Stang is watching FALL come true on his small local FB page. Not just right wingers -- Wokeees hate Stang for not hating enough. Pink FB Subs who can't spell "Bob" right. SubGINOs. The world brain just made dumb people dumber. Confirmation bias.

Can't mock Starwood workshops, titles too straightforward. Mentions GOOD OMENS by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman -- section on witches is hilarious. Stang reads the section with the flying saucer COP. Stang does dialog in British accents.

Humans charged with being a dominant species while under the influence of impulse-driven Capitalism!

Stang plugs EYELASH by Nikolai Kingsley. Stang attempts extremely short duration Mass Marriage as fast as possible. Stang and Wei kiss.

NEWS: Stang did playlists on his YouTube channel, including a Starwood playlist with 1990 Starwood. Stang the Jane Goodall of the pagans.

Q&A now. "Does 2nd Amendment Presence" mean guns? Yeah but pointless because in farm country everybody's ALWAYS been packin'. Handguns under the seat. The word "Libtard." Best way to contact Stang?

BG video is now Stang Ranch footage. Come see our Destructionist Evidence Museum. We have dino tracks plus GHOST dinosaur tracks, cave SubGeniuses, fossil alien, fossil robot. The Creationist Museum in GR.

"Who are you voting for?" My pal Vermin Supreme might be listening! Stang on throwing away your vote. I warned ya'll in 2016! Stang's bad habit of monitoring the right wing his whole life. "Don't Blame Me, I Voted for "Bob." Vermin's crowd control. BG Dreamscope photos, devil skeletons.

"How best to sacrifice our children?" Stang's grandkids will NOT be going to school.

Can see everybody now! "Are SubG organizing the Amish?" Stang's prediction of 25 years after all electronics are fried: nobody but bikers and Amish, then, Amish bikers. The Amish Comic. Amish amphetamines.

See the Matrix isn't so bad. Fave thing of Starwood -- chatting in road. Jeff Magnus McBride coming up - Stang's trip with Magnus as he practiced card tricks. I should practice my maturbating that way and I'd be as good at it as he is at card tricks!

End of devival. Now go do what you do when the show's over. Walk the dogs.

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