Hour of Slack #1799 - Normal Souls - Rerun of #6 from 1985

Radio and Internet: 59:54

"Having listened back to this episode, closely, for the first time in decades, I must say that we must in fact have been TOTALLY AND UTTERLY TRIPPING BALLS THE WHOLE TIME." -- Rev. Ivan Stang, October 2020

Be that as it may, this early episode exploited Dr. G. Gordon Gordon and a great deal of the SubGenius album called Media Barrage 10, an editing tour-de-force thanks to St. Byron Werner, Puzzling Evidence, Hellpope Huey, DEVO, Dr. Philo Drummond, and others. There are two suites by The Swinging Love Corpses near the end that are just jaw-dropping if not jaw-amputating.

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Long standard old Show intro (trimmed a lot)
Dr. Hal: Yetis to Overmen

Buck Naked and Stang Traffic Report (removed anti-seat-belt section)
Media barrage-Yuppie song (Huey collection) - Dead as a beaver hat - Janor Dokstock "If people will us to kill them..."

MEDIA BARRAGE 10: Puzzling Evidence Sub Boot Camp
Sivet Stang: "Bob" made my daddy go crazy. DEVO clips - Mike Flores, Stang and Del Close on Chicago radio re: Conspiracy - Media Barrage 10 long stretch - "Hate myself," David Meyer and Stang on Slack (WFMU), Catch 22, Oingo Boingo Perfect System clip, Stang: Conspiracy Bugs creep up on ya, False Slack, Slack Awareness better than money! - DEVO Peek a boo - Janor and Stang - "Pinks are shadows" - blocked souls and phantom images, Hell is a system for disrupting the Plans of Gods - Some Make Rules - Boingo "Outside" clip - Stang on Normals - Houston Devival "I ate my gueinea pigs!"

GGG and Stang: Stang can't take it, gets some False Slack aka the PILS, or snorting Normal Souls, getting memories from 'em! Soul Preparations by Indians - How to extract Normal Souls from Human Bodies, psychic alchemy as done in Bolivia and Brazil - disposal of the body - soul market economics re: pink bodies turned into pressed cakes - why are they taken to Jupiter? - Emotion-cut soul is a scourge, cut with rage and anguish - mixed with monkey soul... is that what happened to Janor? Janor shoots bad soul.

Yello song -
Media Barrage 10 My Baby My Baby - MB 12 Puz-Ev Themapods, JFK, BOfam!
Mothersbaugh Stangdrix madness, Huey Drug Opera /

Stang and GGG do credits; "Bishop Huey" credited - End of Show Side One -


GGG & Stang - Show Goofs - Puz Ev There went the mystery and the magic!

GGG and Stang on the fun of gaseous Tank soul high vs. drug dangers.

GGG/Stang on Alien code song,
Vangelis? GGG and Stang You're either cop or little people or skinjobs
Ranch sounds from GGG Bolivia ranch

Hellpope Huey's old Houston radio paranoia barrage and promo mix,
Stooges fx

The Ventures SATELLITE, PETER GUNN THEME by Oral Fixation (Severn Institute/The Crank Boys) discussed at length by GGG and Stang

GGG-Stang - Too Many SHows intro:
The Swinging Love Corpses aka THE CUPS "Drivin' Three-Note Jam" Instrumental

The Swingin' Love Corpses: Philo's LUV Blues (?!?)

(Huey montage?) The Prisoner intro, Satanic Radio Rituals/radio collage-Patton rant - songs-radio montage-

Dokstok "Sick of "Bob"",

GGG-Stang Broken show, good end

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