Hour of Slack #1803 - Rerun of #66, SFX Special

Radio and Internet: 59:30

Rerun of #66. Reverend Stang is still "resting his back." This old episode is another headphones-friendly one, due to sound effects excerpts from 1980s sci-fi movies plus much Puzzling Evidence Show, Gary G'Broagfran, Drs. 4 "Bob," Dr. Hal, Cleve Dunkan, There's even a surprise appearance by Robert Anton Wilson! All radio safe.


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Puzzling Evidence - Dr. Hal - Hop-O-My-Thumb and "Bob" lines
Sound Effects
Dune - A Beginning is a very delicate time. - SFX (Big Trouble in Little China)
Puzzling Evidence - Tuning in on YOU
Short Criswell Intro - "No Trouble" -~~ Show Title
"Brazil" song and movie opening
Puzzling Evidence Show (with Stang as guest) - Just another cult - Stang on Dobbstown
Big Trouble sfx/Li-Jing station ID/ Beginning of Puzzling Evidence show with Stang as guest
Hal's Intro to Stang at Los Angeles devival
Puzzling Evidence Show (with Stang as guest) - "Bob" lives!
Stang's Digital-Sampling show ID / Negativland sound effects
Captain Beefheart - When It Blows Its Stacks
(PSA removed)
Stang on Win a Date with Cleve
Stang on Sampler "Pull the Lever, Down You Go)
Cleve Dunkan - "Poop Dog Pee Dog" song - "Welcome to the End Times) with Rawn Lindsay voice-over
Sivet Stang - Epic School-hating Song
(Pledge thanks removed??) ***
Puzzlin Evidence clips, Sterno "They force you to sleep on boards
Voice instructions then Drs. 4 "Bob" w/ NHGH
Stang - Parrot and Parakeet Training Tape crazy mix
Cleve Dunkan - The Brag
Big Trouble in Little China sound effects
"Brazil" Terrorist Rant
Puzzling Evidence w/ sfx - Stang on "BOB" and "DICK" / Funny Noises "HEUNH" and Squirtin' Universe - Bob's Big Boy - Dead "Bobs"
Odd montage
"Lensman" intro sfx
Sivet Stang "Yankee Doodle Variations"
Robert Anton Wilson phone call / Stang on RAW / PO Box w/ Negativland - Phone Messages (Philo, Buck, Mike Flores) Montage
Big Trouble in Little China sound effects / Lensman **
Puzzling Evidence - Superstition of "Bob"
Stang at L.A. devival - The Conspiracy within the Church
Cleve Dunkan - End of "Bob" Is My Load" / Brag of the SubGenius
Stang, Bleepo, DK Jones - pre-ARISE "Intro Barrage" **
Dr. Hal rant at L.A. Devival re: Knowledge of the Underthings
Puzzling Evidence Show - Get me a can of show-stretcher sound effects please - other SubG shows -
Cleve Dunkan - Brag of the SubGenius continued
Big Trouble sfx
Puzzling Evidence - Stang attacked by alligator - parable explained by Dr. Hal - Stang reads from Book of the SubGenius
Stang outro w/ PO
Puzzling Evidence Show - Stang on Slack, Bobbies in Dobbstown / Mixed w/ George Clinton

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