Hour of Slack #1813 - An Eyelash on the Dobbstown Mirror

Radio/Internet: 59:19 (INTERNET VERSION = RADIO SAFE)

The first full-length SubGenius science fiction novel, EYELASH by Nikolai Kingsley, is now available, and Rev. Stang reads an excerpt from it. He also reads the latest Dobbs.town Mirror (in stages) as well as a new rant by Onan. Interspersed are classic best-of bits from The Puzzling Evidence Show and ESO Swamp Radio (all from 2001-2002) and some more very rare Firesign Theatre from their early radio days. We also hear Paul Mavrides and Penn Jillette talking about the Church, from the new documentary. There’s one song, a hidden track by Morgan Gutentag, titled, “Hidden Track.” Everything else is gravy, or, LeMur. (INTERNET VERSION = RADIO SAFE)

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1 LeMur - PR_Gnus1801 01:03
2 LeMur - HOS_Intro505 00:17
3 Puzzling Evidence Show - -3401-StupidMinds 00:59
4 Onan Canobite Rant-Stang2 01:11
5 SubGenius Movie - Paul and Penn 01:20
6 Onanian Stangrant 00:37
7 Stang Intro Butthurt-EYELASH 1 08:44
8 The Firesign Theatre - DHotS_42-DOPE HUMOR OF THE 70s! 01:45
9 Puzzling Evidence Show - HoS-381a 03:46
10 ESO Swamp Radio 50401g - Raiding the “Bob” Mansion! 03:01
11 Stang reads from Dobbstown Mirror 1 01:50
12 The Firesign Theatre - DHotS_download_25-SPACE AGE HARDWARE 00:39
13 Puzzling Evidence Show - KPFA127b-WildmanVoices 01:32
14 Dobbstown Mirror 2 01:18
15 LeMur - PR_Gnus1802 00:38
16 Puzzling Evidence Show - 102502g-SubGRobe-XDayNerds 04:18
17 Dobbstown Mirror 3 01:47
18 The Firesign Theatre - DHotS_download_08-Hawaii 02:13
19 CREDITS tft 2 PE 01:01
20 Puzzling Evidence Show - KPFA-2Married,TarTar Nuts 02:03
21 cred PE to Morgan Gutentag 00:38
22 Morgan Gutentag - Hidden Track 02:28
23 cred Gutentag to PE 00:09
24 Puzzling Evidence Show - KPFA2-matrix 01:36
25 Stang reads Bobtimism Rant by Onan 05:41
26 ESO Swamp Radio 50401c- UnWashed, Roof; BonobEu! 05:04
27 Dobbstown Mirror 6 and End Ads URLS 03:29

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