Hour of Slack #1819 - I Smell the Blood of a SubGenius Wallet

Radio/Internet: 59:50

((CLEAN FOR RADIO)) "Nobody's biography has a happy ending!" -- the late Dr. K'taden Legume

This one's heavy on the Puzzling Evidence, an unusual episode from 2012 without Dr. Hal but with Rev. Stang and Dr. Philo Drummond. Rev. Phineas Narco joins by phone. Also: ESO Swamp Radio in the muddy, muddy flesh, The Firesign Theatre from Dope Humor of the Seventies, The Rudy Schwartz Project's Sunshine Supershits, Captain Beefheart, The Psycho Skeletons and Tenacious D. Those were the days. The days of old. Of old people and old Puzzling Evidence tapes.

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro828 00:17
2 The Firesign Theatre - Multiple Identity 02:15
3 credit TFT 2 PE 00:22

4 Puzzling Evidence 2012-2-3-A - Trollin' 07:42
Tenacious D "The Government Totally Sucks" Conspiracy Rock was a great band - Turock - Deadly Specimens - the band name "Decadence" - so many Bob Dobbs on Facebook. Backwards other-show phone numbers on Hour of Slack. Trollin' trollin' trollin'... Stang and Drum trolled using CB radio -- had the urge but not the means. All SubGs need to troll. A Genius Butt. Governor Rhodes. Rhodes Tower and Kent State and the Devos. Troll Hunter - outlandish trolls, cartoony yet realistic. Hollywood version. Trolls smell Christians but not atheists. "I smell the blood of a SubGenius Wallet."

5 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Sunshine Supershits - I am... I said 04:08
6 Credit RSP to PE 00:16

7 Puzzling Evidence 2012-2-3-B - Thing Thing 04:24
Doc on THE THING - DARE TO SEE THE THING!? The abused chimpanzee Thing. The Portland Thing, the Mystery Hole. Vapors of Encouragement. The tiny ladder and things-Thing one and Thing Two. THINGS! One of those Thing things. Bid you oui oui, doodoo. Who shot Liberty Valance? THE MAN. Get the Head from Al Qauida Garcia - Machete Vs. Osama Bin Ladin porno movie -

8 LeMur - PR_Gnus1953 00:24
9 The Firesign Theatre - Speed Kills 00:26
10 the Psycho Skeletons - Guilt Song (Instrumental) 02:39
11 cred Psycho Skels 00:17

12 Puzzling Evidence 2012-2-3- C - Gorn Porn 06:52
Stang on restrooms of state parks. Reviews of all the rest stops. Bathroom scenes in bathrooms - Pulp Fiction - Kubrick - Why do SubG shows turn into film history? Goblin Valley. Vazquez Rocks. Gorn action figure. Lizard-headed costume man. Phallic Stalgtites at Petrified Penis Forest. City of Rocks. The Suicide Forest in Japan -- bad place to have X-Day! Googling to places. Rocknar calls in re: Gorn. GORN PORN!! Reptilians, like Sleestaks. Like doin' it with a dinosaur. Dual penii... Gorn porn ends in snuff film. "Nobody's biography has a happy ending!" -- Dr. Legume

13 The Firesign Theatre - Harry Carrozzi, Minority Street & G_d 03:59

14 Puzzling Evidence 2012-2-3-D - Restroom Finks of America - Poor Smokey 06:48
Open the bathroom door please Hal. Restrooms of America Show. Texas Valley rest stop between Willcox and Chiricauwa. Be a Fink for America, Report Smoking. Finkery in the USA. Stir that forest fire. Report your neighbor! Oh thnk god it was just a nightmare! Smokey was exploited. Yogi was just a legend but the gov't programmed poor Smokey. A Man with a Pipe and one sandal shall come among you. Followed by another man with one testicle. A man with only one nostril on his forehead. Silly and juvenile -- lowers the public discourse. You made the show hurt. I'll rub Bag Balm on the show's back. Palpating the show's bag.

15 Captain Beefheart - Telephone 01:31
16 credit Beefheart to ESO 00:11
17 ESO Swamp Radio 3-30-01 Build Your Own Amsterdam 02:55

18 Puzzling Evidence 2012-2-3-E - Constantine and Baby Machete 03:22
Soundtrack of CONSTANTINE. First a SubG gag on show, then poster and trailer, then comic then novel then movie then novel (by John Shirley) then comic book. Baby Machete show and toy set from McDonald's. The wind-up Pee Wee doll. Paul Reubens as Machete. The grindhouse approach.

19 Cred intro TFT 00:29
20 The Firesign Theatre - Yale Distorts 08:24
21 ESO Swamp Radio 41301-06 POBOX,SILENCE 01:59

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