Hour of Slack #1820 - Hog Killin' Lessons

Radio/Internet: 59:42

((CLEAN FOR RADIO)) This episode is exactly like the last three, in that it has the same elements: ESO Swamp Radio from 2001, Puzzling Evidence from 2012, ancient rare Firesign Theatre, and Captain Beefheart. Saves time. Allowed us to get the Kindle version of our new book EYELASH out. We start with the late Prof. Chas Smith explaining the origins of Lonesome Cowboy Dave. Later there is an all-star Puzzling Evidence show, and more ESO, with call-ins from superstars Rev. Bleepo Abernathy, Michael Peppe, Popess Lilith, Bishop Joey of Church of the Last Laugh, and Dr. Phineas Narco of National Cynical... but not Dr. Hal. Towards the end, Philo Drummond and Ivan Stang revert to their true identities as Arkansas hog farmers.

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1 Transformers start 00:03
2 LeMur - HOS_Intro507 00:13
3 Stang Intro to ESO 00:26
4 ESO Swamp Radio 12-7-0 Dave, "Bob" & Santa 04:54

5 Puzzling Evidence Show 2012-02-03 B - Tucson devival giant flaming Dobbshead 05:48
Phineas prankcalls. Can't remember which jokes I've already told. We did the Internet by tape, it took days, and thre were only 15 of us. Phineas found SubG through Fangoria magazine. The Tucson devival - Nickie's s&M costume - Mongoloid's flaming giant Dobbshead. Giant flaming talking buttock at Burning Man. That Dobbshead ended up by the freeway in Tucson.

6 Transformers 2 01:17
7 The Firesign Theatre - Fiji 03:38
8 ESO Swamp Radio 20101-Connietites! 01:55
9 cred Bergman to song 00:07
10 The Firesign Theatre - Louis Marshman Editorial 03:27
11 Dan Tyminksi - I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow 04:11
12 cred Dan Tyminski to PE 00:32

13 Puzzling Evidence Show 2012-02-03 C - Endless Sea of Must-See Movies 01:18
Phineas wandering naked at BM - TRASH HUMPERS and PIG - the endless Sea of Must-See Movies.

14 Captain Beefheart 03 - Carrot as Close as a Rabbit Gets to a Diamond 01:31
15 credit Beefheart to ESO 00:31
16 ESO12601 BushAge-RustyCotHngr 05:26

17 Puzzling Evidence Show 2012-02-03 -2 14:24
Next week we'll decifer Knights Templar and Holy Grail secrets. All based on satirical pamphlets written by young men mocking New Age cults. Hog Raising ends in Hog Killin'. Hog killin' Philo and Stang!! Stang's horrible hog farm - Amish Scrapple - wading through the vomit. One-man multitracker band like Tubular Bells. I need Scrapple, jerky, grits. How to make Scrapple - smells like hair - Scrapple is the Official X-Day Breakfast. You cn eat the inside of intestines - Michael Peppe calls in. Fried nostril Pubic Hairs Show. You can cook and eat toenails instead of your companion's buttocks. Peppe doesn't need the extra Steps to Sexiness. Six weeks to Step 6. Step Seven is radio repair, and, nostrils. Listening too hard to the radio wears out the radio. That hole that they drill in the top of your head in Dobbstown. Releases so much tension of thinking. The heat from thinking rises out the top so you're cooler... to the chicks. Mindless and cooler. Peppe's 96-baud modem for dial-up for old Mac but can't get porn videos. The dial-up all you can eat dial-up -- took two hours to download one sip. All We Want for You to Eat. Scrapple Donuts. Bishop Joey of St. Stupid calls in.

18 The Firesign Theatre - The Dr. Beanbag Show 08:48
19 end creds 00:24
20 Transformers end 00:40

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