Hour of Slack #1876 - Rerun of 876 - Space Disasters on Drugs

Internet:/Radio: 59:09

It must be "Bob's" will that we were forced by events beyond our control to do a rerun yet again, because this is an especially good one we'd have totally forgotten about otherwise. The ESO Swamp Radio spouting this show was done in early 2003, a few days after the tragic Columbia space shuttle explosion... and yet the space collage by Chas Smith which is also in the show predates it, from around 1998.Special thanks to all the arteests who contributed the collages, especially Fernandinande LeMur.

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1 "BobFugue in D Minor" - Mothersbaugh 00:12
2 "Now I'll Tell a Story of a Greedy Mouse" 00:13
3 New ghost intro show Title - Artemia Salina 00:41
4 Joe Doaks Idea 00:13
5 LeMur: "my Friend Bob" 00:13
6 LeMur: "RealHair 00:06
7 LeMur: "mental12 01:13
8 LeMur: "thatsAllBobIs" 00:09
9 LeMur: "ONDCP09 00:12
10 "I'll Yodel My Way to Heaven" 00:30
11 He Should Still Have 1 Left 00:14
12 LeMur: "Amazing Bob" 00:35
13 LeMur: "its Mine" 00:35
14 LeMur: "Game Show" 00:26
15 What Can We Tax? + ToonMusic (from "Fella With a Fiddle") 00:47
16 LeMur: "ONDCP-drugs 00:34
17 LeMur: "ONDCP14 00:32
18 LeMur: "Yeti_Call" 00:08
19 LeMur: "hate" 00:41
20 LeMur: "ONDCPDrugs 00:24
21 Stang 2022 Intro
22 "Bucephalus Bouncing Ball" -- AphexTwin, from Orbitones CD
23 LeMur: "bbbBob" 00:03
24 Credit Aphex Twin and LeMur
25 ESO Swamp Radio 2-7-03j- Shuttle - "Wing & Prayer" 00:39
26 ESO Swamp Radio 2-7-03-SPACE COLLAGE by Chas, old barrage 07:20
27 Toon Factory Music 00:10
28 ESO Swamp Radio 2-7-03b "What Got the Shuttle" 04:52
29 Credits 01:33
30 "delirious-atic-computer" -- Heart Ignition 00:46
31 LeMur: "Learning In London" 00:24
32 ESO Swamp Radio 2-7-03e-f "Phil Spector's Bullet Hit Shuttle; CAPN. HOOK" 03:37
33 KPFA - Gary G'Brogfran - "If Theres A God, Why Are You Guys Here?" 00:08
34 "determined" - collage by Rev. Cobblestone 00:53
35 "Grand Gallope" - Leonard Solomon, from "Orbitones" 00:55
36 Credits 00:34
37 "JHVH-1 Rant" -- Heart Ignition 01:02
38 Folks In Dallas Think Highly of Philo 00:14
39 KPFA SubG Biz Retreat 5h -- Stop the Show, "Great Sub Moments of Past 7000 Hour Set"/ Bill T. Miller "YOU RANG" 08:01
40 Bill T. Miller cred (http://www.billtmiller.com 00:18
41 "Fella With A Fiddle" - Mel Blanc, Warner Bros cartoon 00:38
42 Machine Gun Beat 1 00:09
43 Mary McDonald "Gimme Some Titty" folk song 00:56
44 Credits 00:36
45 ESO Swamp Radio 2-7-03m "BOB" is like burning ICE!" 05:37
46 Toon-Tax Assessor! & Music 00:46
47 Credit 00:07
48 "values" -- Rev. Cobblestone 00:38
49 ESO Swamp Radio 2-7-03o-p "Shuttle Moment of "Silence" --End 02:33
50 P.O. by Modemac-Lamprey 00:45 **** NEEDS PO BOX
51 frankenstein_good! 00:04
52 Wei NoNoNo 00:10
53 LeMur: "Goodbye Dear Piertro" 00:11
54 EYIYIYI Toon Music End 00:10
55 Praise Bob 00:10
56 Wolwo? 00:02

bg music during credits is all by The Amino Acids (http://www.theaminoacids.com)



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