Hour of Slack #1877 - War Song of the Were-Coyote - Rerun of #877

Internet:/Radio: 58:20

Once again, everything that was happening in this thousand-show-old rerun from 2003 is STILL HAPPENING! Why should poor bent old Rev. Stang stay up all night at his age editing new Show, when the old ones from twenty years ago are MORE MODERN AND NEW? Moreover, at rural Stang Ranch, the Sacred Scribe has had to deal with one crisis per week, such as wildfires, goat sized hail, and sonic tornadoes. This episode is heavy on the ESO Swamp Radio from WCSB Cleveland (during the Iraq war) but is also rife with insane collage work by LeMur and others, plus some real surprises such as "Bob" songs by NoMeansNo and Mick Jagger, and startlingly timely clips from ancient anti-fascist propaganda cartoons! Incidentally, the CD copies of this show are inexplicably about a minute and a half longer than the digital file copies. If anyone can explain that, please do!(Radio safe.)

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1 Now Return Control of TV 2 U 00:09
2 LeMur: "Stang_Sez_Bob" 00:13
3 LeMur: "Now Appear" 00:17
4 LeMur: "Oh_My_Gosh 00:14
5 LeMur: "Bob_ah" 00:40
6 LeMur: "The_Old_Bob_Show" 01:13
7 LeMur: "Emergency Test Bob" 00:33
8 LeMur: "One Disk Of Doom 01:03
9 LeMur: "Atomic Bob" 00:29
10 LeMur: "The New Year Is Coming 00:15
11 1be ESO-012403a-SkateWarSong and Stang 2022 intro 04:21
12 So We Got Our Freedom... So What? -- ISMs from "Make Mine Freedom" 01:45
13 LeMur: "This is PR news" 01:39
14 Daffy Duck: "Crazy City - Towers falling!" 00:50
15 LeMur: "This Means War" 00:13
16 "The Great Twin Towers Hoax" -- Buttress O'Kneel/Megaconspiracies 02:18
17 ESO Radio 01-24-03 b- "Sgt. Dave Hates Them Saddams" 01:48
18 "My Baby My Baby" -- Blue Marmalad from "Bad Drs." 01:00
19 Beautiful Segue Clip 00:10
20 Credits 02:10
21 ESO Radio 01-30-03 b- "Smallpox Nanobots" 03:44
22 "Sign Away My Freedom?? 00:21
23 "Twin Towers Hoax" 2 02:23
24 "911" -kids-show -- Artemia Salin 00:26
25 "Great Moments in Oddball Sports" -tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE from "Bad Drs." 01:21
26 Credit 00:31
27 ESO Radio 1-8-03 g "Bullets With Brains!" 01:51
28 NoMeansNo - Dead Bob 04:03
29 ESO Radio 12-06-02 d " Good Bad & Ugly War" 03:24
30 LeMur: "BobSong 06" 00:38
31 Credits 00:45
32 Life Without Freedom! from "Make Mine Freedom" 01:30
33 tao_of_roddenberry_1 00:19
34 ESO 10-31-02 k- "Ed Holmes Bishop Joey Peace March SanFrancisco Pan" 03:23
35 LeMur: "its OK!" 00:40
36 So, Poor Guy Eh? 00:13
37 "Twin Towers Hoax" 4 -- Buttress O'Kneel/Megaconspiracies 01:34
38 ESO Radio 01-30-03 i-Dave's War~ 00:34
39 LeMur: "He Was In The War" 00:32
40 ESO Radio 01-30-03 o- "War Song of the WereCoyote" 04:36
41 Mick Jagger - "Memo From Turner" 03:31
42 LeMur: "chicken Boom" 01:10

Background music in credits by The Amino Acids



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