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We use MPEG format because MPEGs are relatively small and easy on the download. The same files in .mov, Quicktime, etc. would be 20 mb or more. Buying the 2-hour video would probably be cheaper. You might want to consider that.

These will play on either Macintoshes or PCs. The clips range from 15 seconds to one minute; each consists of an MPEG movie and its WAV soundtrack. Download both the picture and the sound. The sound .wav must be in the same folder as the picture mpeg to play.
The standard MPEG viewer for Macs is the shareware Sparkle 2.4.5 (older versions don't play the sound). If you don't have it, you can download it right now from:

PC users will need VMPEG1.7 (older versions won't do). Three new sources for this common shareware:
Univ. of Delaware: http://www.udel.edu/ps/sw/vmpeg.htm
TO FTP IT NOW: http://www.udel.edu/ps/sw/vmpeg.exe
OR from:
OR from:

Being .wav files, the soundtracks are playable anywhere -- even on pocket calculators or Stegosaurus pelvic mini-brains.

pic: 5.1mb

sound: 2.6 mb
Our longest but best download. This one minute spot is well worth the 20 minute (or hour, depending on your gizmos) wait. In 1990, MTV gave Rev. Ivan Stang, a low budget film maker by trade, a little money to make a SubGenius commercial. In our exalted opinion(s), this piece is the penultimate SubGenius multimedia effort to date -- next to this web site. Imagine what we could do with a HUNDRED dollars! For those unwilling or unable to download and play this, we offer THE COMPLETE "STORYBOARD" IN FRAME BLOWUPS. And you can grab a smaller (332k), lower res .wav version of the soundtrack.
pic: 759k

sound: 545K
Our shortest. Rev. Stang forcefully preaches The Church's Only Rule at the '95 Cleveland devival at Peabody's sponsored by Steve Bevilacqua & The Flying Lemur. Shot by Princess Wei R. Doe.

pic: 1.5mb

sound: 479k
Pope Sternodox, poet laureate of alt.slack and cocreator of DRS. 4 "BOB" & the sickest side of Church doctrine, cops a Meyer at Club No in Dallas '92.

pic: 1.2mb

sound: 743k
Our "most likely to be downloaded" clip. Sister Susie belts out the doctrine of sin according to Connie at Club No, Dallas '92, as Band of One pounds out stripper music in the background.

pic: 809

sound: 1mb
Porno segment from a 1978 16mm claymation film by Rev. Ivan Stang, a mock educational film for elementary schools describing the life cycles of microbes found on Mars. This bizarre thing ACTUALLY WAS shown in a few classrooms in the early 80s before science teachers caught on that it was not only a HOAX but JUST A TINY BIT PORNOGRAPHIC.

pic: 1.1mb

sound: 545k
From the '92 New Years Devival at Club No in Dallas. Rev. Stang and the audience writhe in the sheer love of HATE. A typical Devival scene.

pic: 2.2mb

Those beloved shots of the miniature future-city-made-from-wine-bottles-and-toys from Let's Visit the World of the Future, Rev. Stang's sarcastic travelog from his underground film days. (NOTE: If you want to see SubGenius philosophy pared down to its most unbearably cyncical, devoid of the slackful presence of "Bob," see this film (details below).)

pic: 3.2mb

sound: 1.6mb
More hate-filled crap from Mr. Know It All, shot by Rev. Toth Wilder at the Cleveland Rant n' Rave in 1991 or one of those years.

pic: 1mb

sound: 413k
Even more hate-filled crap from Mr. Know It All-Hog-the-Bandwidth, shot by Rev. Toth Wilder at the Cleveland Rant n' Rave in 1991 or one of those years.


WARNING: Even though these videos are saved to the smallest possible screen size and very compressed, some are BIG FILES. For instance, the one-minute MTV-SubGenius spot in full color eats up about 7 megs with the sound. IT'S WORTH IT, THOUGH!

If you just don't have the gear to copy videos, we offer the shot-by-shot STORYBOARD of the SubGenius/MTV commercial. ("See" EAR OF "BOB" for a smaller .wav file of the soundtrack.)

These clips are taken from $20 videotapes available from:
The SubGenius Foundation
PO Box 140306
Dallas, TX 75214

The Club No clips are from CLUB NO SUBGENIUS NEW YEAR (shot by St. Joe Riley, Rev. Tommy Lopez, and Hellswami John Hagen-Brenner, edited ARISE-style by St. Joe Riley).

REPRODUCTION CYCLE, the MTV/SUBGENIUS commercial, and LET'S VISIT THE WORLD OF THE FUTURE are all on the video, PRE-DOBBS STANGFILMS (which also contains numerous music videos and other sicko claymation shorts, underground bulldada, DEVO, and even high school films). The MTV/SubGenius piece is also stuck onto the tail end of ARISE, our primary video, to be excerpted in this space later.

The other Cleveland Devival shots are from RANT 'N RAVE, the psycho edit of a rave-devival at Cleveland's Smart Bar. Background music is by Drs. 4 "Bob".

We have enough good video here that we could post a different 10 minutes every week for several years. (What we HAVE digitized this first time was picked almost at random from whatever master tapes were on top of the stack the night we decided to even try pumping video into a computer.) However, we need to hear feedback from users telling us how this highly technoid process is actually working. So RANT BACK AT STANG, or BUY MORE SUBGENIUS VIDEOTAPES!!! (Remember -- they're NOT COPY-PROTECTED -- so when you buy one, you're getting potential copies for all your friends for COST OF TAPE ONLY!!!)

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