Baltimore Devival Nov. 15, 2008

Photos by Rev. Nigel

Photos by Rev. Stang

Photos by CosmicDebris of radiofreemountairy

very short movie
Ranting and

from Stang's
Pulpitside Mic
NEW (3-15-09) Baltimore Report

Text, photos, and movies from Rev. Clint. Very detailed. Some EXCELLENT cleavage photography too.

Baltimore Devival Uncancelled
From: "Rev. Ivan Stang"
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Sun, Nov 16, 2008 5:24 PM

It was a lot of fun, even for those of us who were "working" at it. However, I am still at Rev. Carter's, and this laptop keyboard of his is too damn small, and acts all Windows-y, so I am not going to type for long.

I have videotape and pulpitside audio recordings of pretty much the whole thing, and there was a pro cameraman shooting HD video, while getting an audio feed from the pro soundman's mixboard. Rev. Susie the Floozy, Rev. Carter LeBlanc, Priestess Pisces, Senator Thompson Speck, Rev. Richard Skull and me all ranted without screwing up at all (that I remember), and the bands were The Motor Morons, The Versificators, Fat Free and The Amino Acids. We had video projection so the brand-new Part 2 of The Amino Acids' feature movie was shown. It is VERY BLOODY and SCARY. I laughed and laughed.

Thanks to Swaggarts Lord Cyclohexane and Rev. Caroline, the swag sales were bounteous enough that "Bob" probably won't beat me when I get back to the office, this time.

There were so many familiar SubGenius friends at this devival that it might as well have been The Winter X-Day Drill. I also noticed a lot of really pretty women there. That stands out in my mind. Oddly, that is the main thing that stands out in my mind about most devivals these days. I can still visualize every single one of them vividly in my mind's eye. "You SubGenius boys had better bird-dog that stuff or I'm gonna take it away from you," to paraphrase Pope Sternodox.

There was a fine SubGenius brunch at a nice sushi restaurant called XS this afternoon.

Those are the fact. Because this keyboard of Carter's is such a pain in the ass -- I think its FLATNESS is the main thing that's throwing me -- I am not going to provide any good gossip or other facts right now. However I am eager to extract whichever is the best audio recording I have and put parts of it somewhere like radio4all, where it can be downloaded by anybody without costing me anything.

I must add that Pisces and Susie both used much vulgar language in their rants. Carter and I by contrast were polite and gentlemanly.

There was a person there wearing a scary black robe with a skull and bones symbol on it, and a long gray beard. I am pretty sure that was Rev. Ramona Back-It-On-Up in a disguise.


From: "dougpaulod"

I had a great time; thanks to Ankara, Joy D'Veeve, Cyclohexane, Nigel/ Jack, Banjo Bob, Skull, that other guy whose name escapes me, and also that other woman whose name also escapes me, and that guy who I thought might have been tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE but was not, and everybody else. Thank you all for introducing yourselves and being gracious and cool. It's been a while since I did something like go to a "space" and listen to post-art-punk bands and dance slightly and witness the loathesome rituals of an American death-and-fertility cult. It reminded me that I'm not a "square," which is easy to forget, sometimes.

The Motor Morons were GROOVY.

Stang, were you kidding about Book of the SubGenius possibly going out of print? If you were serious, that would probably force me to order another (fourth!) copy, just to have one that's not all dog-eared and ripped up. If you were kidding, I'd probably be more likely to buy something else instead. Anyway, thanks again to all for a memorable night. It was even better than last year, and last year was great. Praise Carter.


From: "Rev. Back It On Up 13"

There was a person there wearing a scary black robe with a skull and bones symbol on it, and a long gray beard. I am pretty sure that was Rev. Ramona Back-It-On-Up in a disguise.

That wasn't me, as far as you know. I was disguised as one of the Very Pretty Women. I got my disguse at Ricky's on 42nd Street in the drag queen section.

Just kidding, that was me.

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