61 years old and still rockin'
A movie review that's worth it
a remake?
Another weird Japanese video
Attn: Stang - Uga Uga Mushka!
attn: subgenius superhero movie watching dorks
Bad Made Large
Best one-line review of Mel Gibson's "Passion"
Big Disney
Bubba Ho-Tep: 9 Thumbs Up!
Crappy Movie Review
Creepy Christian Music
Cwudly Cawtoons butchering each other,
Donald O'Connor's Last Words
DVD review
ever heard of this movie?
Face-fucking bat sighting
Finding Nemo proves Colin Wilson right.
FWD Old stock Dobbsfilm uncovered?
Great Bulldada Movies
great job
great videos from obscure artists
HellPope Huey's "Hellboy" review
Help Me Rhonda
I dream of dickheads...
I just bought Bowling for Columbine
I, Robot
Is Harvey Pekar God? - A review
Jack T. Chick TRACT ATTACK! (The BOOK is HERE!)
Jesus should have arisen with a thirst for brains.
Just in case you have some small hope for the future
Keef the Pirate II
LOTR still bigger than Jesus
MAGIC BAND Hollywood Palladium 6/22/03
Mailbox Full of Slack, and Maybe Logic DVD First Impressions
Movies That REALLY Sucked Cosmic Heiney
Muppet Porn
My official AniMatrix opinion
My Official Matrix Opionion Was: Re: Alliekatt's official AniMatrix opinion
My take on Matrix II
Nenslo Animation Torture Test Part 3
Nenslo Animation Torture Test Supplemental (was Re: Former Hippie Wanna-Bes)
Nenslo's video pick of the week
Notes on Dr. Cyclops
obscure movie review requested
Papa Joe Mama is in Van Halen!
Peter Weller, SubG ?
PRANUM (Animation Reviews)
Re: "So little of what one is threads itself through the eye of infinite space...ah, the self is the least of it...let our scars fall in love..." --Galway Kinnell from _The Book of Nightmares_
Re: "We're Sending You a Clusterbomb from Jesus"
Best Christian Movie, Ever
Bubba Ho-Tep: 9 Thumbs Up! [spoiler]
Don't Fear the Nuker
Ever see Lair of the White Worm?
Subject: Re: Left Behind - the ending
Re: MAGIC BAND Hollywood Palladium 6/22/03
The Bullwinkle Paradox
The car
The Hulk- A Review
Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light
Recommended: MindFuck Movie "Cypher" (2002)
Rev. Nickie's Book Review
Saint Weird Al pays tribute to "Bob"
Self-destructing DVDs?
Shame On You, Nenslo
So...what do _you_ think about this Passion business?
SPY KIDS 3D Well Worth the Headache
Starring "Bob"
Subaqueous monstrosities
SubG Porno: The Future Is Wild
Sweeps Month Begs Important Question
The Complete Truth About Deevolution
The League of Extraordinary Genitals
The MATRIX cometh
The Matrix Reloaded
This Year's Bulwer-Lytton Winner
Ultrasick Flashtoons from Southpark Arteests
Unsurreality TV
What I learned from watching "Cops"
What might have been...
Why Vonnegut Rocks and McLuhan Walks
Why you SHOULD see "Van Helsing"
William Hung - Inspiration
Worst Cussdub
Worst Songs EVER Antidote
Yeti mini-movie reviews.

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