Dobbs Approved
art by cuthulu

Important SubGenius Facts
Why? The new, improved version of the Chicken Answers. From Stang with help by Pope Robert Anton Wilson and a host of others. Art by cuthulu

G. Gordon Gordon -- Killer for Dobbs
an account of GGG's historical induction into the church, and an overview of his exploits, shrouded in mystery until now!

The True Pipe object of great mystery has remained an enigma for years: the True Pipe. This tidbit of Forbidden Science reveals all. Written by the staff of the RatCave Media Center and Dr. T. M. Oscar.

The Bleeding Head of Arnold Palmer
Sterno's telling historical testimonial to the truth behind the launching of the famous golfer's cranium.

Normal Perjoratives
Dialogue by Matthew Carey, Sphinx Drummond, and Doktor BoogieDown. Art by Rev. Friday Jones. Are these the names of bands lost in obscurity? Snippets from the fabled Rant-O-Matic? Things poebuckers call one another when they get real drunk? You be the judge.

From Dynasor, Mutha Tarla, and Doktor BoogieDown. Number crunching and other Forbidden Sciences. What is the percentage of Yeti blooded entities on this celestial rock? This subject is discussed at minimal length by this panel of SubGenii.

What are the Scissors of Sight?
Black Olive Jesus, Lou Duchez, Kaiv, Mutha Tarla, The Grand Clavister and IrRev Finagle successfully avoid the answer once again in a spectacle too magnanimous to behold!

The Scissors of Sight
Rev. Dr. Onan Canobite completely fails to not avoid answering this most ancient of SubGenius questions. Art from Popess Lilith

Jesii ad infinitum
From anarchy1 and Montykins, a list of Jesuses (Jesii?) which may or may not be alive today! ..and a couple buddha's thrown in for good measure.

Sacrament of Extreme Prejudice
Captain Midnight, Dynasor, the Grand Clavister, SciViGuy, NENSLO, Stang, Eraserhead and others discuss the sacraments of the SubGenius Church. Wesson Oil? Hawaiian Punch? The Animaniacs? Personally I always thought it was warm beer and cold pizza...

Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation pt. 2
From Howard Duck and Julianne McKinney. This in-depth textfile documents the seeming disinterest of UFO sightings on the part of Conspiracy organizations as a COVER-UP for something even MORE insidious.. I think.

Well, this explains everything!
Made available to the SubGenius Community by one Chris Tuck, this strange account from some unknown person utilizes dream interpretation and numerology among other things to pretty much attempt to fill in the gaps that all the rest of the stuff above may or may not have left out.

This file was converted in a big hurry, then later tweaked by Doktor Zachary Carleton.
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