Yahoo and MSN "Groups" have sprung up for specific SubGenius™ SlaClusters lately. If you have ever joined one Yahoo group, it's easy to join others. If you never have joined one, it's REALLY EASY to join the first one. And free. The clubs feature a discussion board that can be e-mailed to you a couple of different ways, or can be viewed and used entirely with a web browser.

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Yahoo Groups:

This is not the "official" SubGenius mailing list -- that one's secret, accessable only by the Yeti High Council. This is merely a lower-traffic alternative to the original USEnet group, alt.slack.

Prepare for X-Day Seven -- 5 July 2004 at Brushwood Folklore Center, Sherman NY. Discuss possible stage antics, campsite themes, rides to and from Ground Zero, and what we're going to do to "Bob" when we get our grubby little hands around his neck.

Euro-SubGenius Forum
Praise "Bob". Now the European Subs have a place to gang up on the pinks. Praise Connie and her sisters - the group has been renamed to encompass all of Europe (and beyond?)

For those interested in Chas' new band Stardust Outlaws, the ESO Swamp Radio shows, Einstein's Secret Orchestra.

Sister Decadence
A tribute to SubGenius love goddess Sister Decadence by her awestruck fans. this group and site contain and heartily approve of ADULT CONTENT!

Reverend Mary Magdalen
A group for fans and worshippers of the lovely waif, SubGenius Reverend Mary Magdalen. This group heartily approves of ADULT CONTENT! Despite her youthful appearance, Reverend Magdalen is over eighteen.

Seattle SubGenius Bull-It-In Board
The mailing list for the Seattle SubGenius Union of Clenches & Crackpots, a "metaclench" for Puget Sound area SubGeniuses and their minions.

Clench of the Dragonfly
Working on starting an all-SubG Internet radio network, among other things

The Big Yahoo Listing of Church of the SubGenius Groups
Everything else. Lots of unused groups here. Also quite a few groups that have no apparent connection at all to the Church. FUN!

And finally, a simple web-forum:

Kids' Alternative to Alt.Slack
(This is the old forum initially set up by Modemac, lately not too active.)