Some Great DoktorBands are listed here. We know there are more of you out there making "Music" for "Bob" so E-mail Stang or Bucky to get your link added.


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Dr. Philo Drummond's "Quivering Brain"
Also Contains Free Swinging Love Corpses Downloads!

Swingin' Love Corpses
"The *Best* SubGenius Band in this World"

Phineas Narco
National Cynical Radio

Rev. Norel Pref
Collage and Heavy Confetti music


The Amino Acids
Great DoktorBand from Detroit. "Got $100.00 and a 30 pack of Miller Highlife?"

The El Queso All-Stars

SubGenius Amsterdam Pirate Radio


Doktor Bill T Miller
...king of slack!
 Bill T. Miller's ORGY OF SLACK CD
(or download it free!)

The Duke of Uke
Armed with a uke autographed by the Tiny Tim, his special mission is to unleash the healing power of the ukulele for a world in need...

Little Fyodor!
Incredible antimusic by a great guitarist. Seeing him live was like a vision from "Bob"!!

Mutato Muzika
"The survivors of the DEVO Mission"

Henry Rollins once pronounced that there are two kinds of people: those who get Devo, and those who don't.

The Rudy Schwartz Project/JOE NEWMAN
"For ten years, The Rudy Schwartz Project has been bringing you the finest in questionable entertainment. This tradition of unbridled obscenity and guffaws at the expense of idiots and assholes everywhere ..." Some items in the catalog may not currently be available.

Reagan's Polyp
Hell Music from the depths of... Arkansas? (and other places.) Highly recommended by the Mighty Popess Lilith!!

Gene Splice
Of Drs. For "Bob."

The Flyin Ryan Brothers
High Octane Big Guitar Music, as feature on numerous Hours of Slack.
"The guitar playing is just mind blowing!!" - Rev Ivan Stang

...an experimental-music and art collective that has been recording and self-releasing music/audio/collage works since 1979

Obnostic Music
Steve Slack. RealAudio, tapes for sale.

The Gomers!!
This brain blasting Sub Band has risen from the dead. Kill your ears!!

All-Dead GOTH Lounge Music!

Bulldada Electronica for Mutants! Another fine St. &reux project. Danceable, electronic anti-musak.

Don Truby's Foreign Score Corp
Lots of projects by Anti-Music Impressario Don Truby