Here's a Partial Listing of some of the most notable radio show's produced or hosted by SubGenii. To get your radio show listed here, write to Stang or Bucky. While you're here, why don't you check out The Hour Of Slack?

WWW SubSite
"Bob's" Sound Holes (Small Audio Files)
The Art Mines (and more)
Featuring Classic Rants, Holy Texts, and 3&4 Fisted Tales of "Bob")
"Bob's" Slacktime Funhouse
The Websites of the Gods!
SubGenius Stores on the Web
SubGenius Groups and Mailing Lists
"Bands" for "Bob"
Assorted SubGenius Radio Ministries
Homepages of Individual SubGenii
Contact The SubGenius Foundation® Inc.

Phineas Narco & The National Cynical Network
Features Downloadable episodes of "Midnight VoiceJail" & "Needle in the Red"
Also: Purchase Classic episodes of SubG Radio

The Lymph Node Institute
...are responsible for "Bob"s Slacktime Funhouse which has been pushing all the buttons at once in the mental elevators of yetis and normals alike since 1989

Over The Edge
Airs on KPFA from Berkely, CA. Produced by Don Joyce of Negativland

The Puzzling Evidence Radio Show
Also from KPFA, hosted by the legendary Dr Howll, among others...
Note: the above link will take you to Serpent X's Puzzling Evidence / Over The Edge archive.