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Reprints of SUBGENIUS® Classics and Holy Texts

It's the best stuff from our most valuable collectors-item back issues! And we're giving it away for free!


The Classics That Started It All:

  • The Holiest of SubGenius™ Documents
    Including Pamphlets #1 and #2, The Brag of the SubGenius®, PRESCRIPTURES, and much more -- even the first chapters of THE BOOK OF THE SUBGENIUS®!
  • Classic Rants
    About 30 of the most brain-reaming, heartfelt, hate-fueled diatribes and harangues from THE STARK FIST (print editions), THE HOUR OF SLACK radio show, and Grandpa Dobbs' trash bin!
  • 3 and 4-Fisted Tales Of "Bob"
    Yes! Now, ALL of the stories from the out-of-print anthology, THREE FISTED TALES OF 'BOB' are here FREE for your perusal (but not for copying or reprinting!) -- plus dozens of parables from the olden STARK FISTs!

The Holiest Of SubGenius™ Documents:

Classic Rants:

3 and 4-Fisted Tales of "Bob":

Three-Fisted Tales of "Bob"

Four-Fisted Tales of "Bob" from THE STARK FIST OF REMOVAL