Storytime from Sterno

Anthology One

Pope Sternodox Keckhaver, Doktor for "Bob"

Ahoy There!
Availing Trauma Beach
Black is the Knots
Blinking Poodle Tablets
Braided Nut Paste Sedan
Brightly Sing the Eclipsed Wallboards
Brownie Fantasy Intero-Caveman
Clawing Stamina Breath Plugs
Dump Truck Full of Dead Policemen
Floral Symphonic
Forensic Haiku
Free Trump Spud Mammy
Frontal Assault in Allegro Bastard
Fucking a Pussy
Gardens of Spring
Love is in the Air
Motorola Squab Fibber

No way back. You're pretty much stuck here for now. 'Bout all you CAN do is move on to STERNO'S STORIES VOLUME TWO and hope it doesn't go too god damn many more volumes past that.