Dr. Philo U. Drummond, Ø1deg.

Are you being mind-controlled by the secret subliminal radio?

The Government/Conspiracy II has developed a vast covert hermetic department involved in the study and advancement of mind-control techniques using the Silent Radio on individuals and groups.

This amazing Silent Radio, invented in 1839, was at first subliminally audible to only 0.1 of one percent of the population. Since then, advances in science have increased the percentage to 38%. It is predicted that in 15 years, science will have improved the Silent Radio to the point that as much as 98% of the population will hear it subliminally.

The 38% have a high-pitch hearing ability which is referred to as "electronic hearing." Just as a dog hears a silent whistle, thus enabling his master to guide and control his actions, so do many poor witless dupes hear Silent Radio signals. When these hapless sheep hear the Silent Radio, which sounds the same as thoughts in their minds, they think that they are hearing "devils" or "angels" in their heads, or, even worse, in their glands.

Fortunately, those of us more advanced and enlightened than inferior humans -- the SubGenius/Yetinsyn Northernfolk -- have little need to fear. We are not affected, although we are completely aware of these insidious communiques. Therefore, it is our duty to inform and guide the sheeplike masses!

Tyranny always rules first (and last). Silent Radio is constantly used to delude the moronic Pinks into every possible crime, sin, and stupid (for a Normal) decision. The mind-controllers, Conspiracy tools of the government, work in all medical, psychiatric, industrial and educational sectors. They are having a field day with sad, innocent, feeble-minded people.

The minority of Silent Radio Victims (of any ethnic group or race) has lost all rights under law, because all nations are fearful that the Russians/Conspiracy II will mind-control their countries as well. Many governments are already using this subliminal Silent Radio technique in warped and degenerate psycho/sexual experiments on their own citizens. The youth of these affected countries will be more disturbed and dangerous than your most foul and hideous nightmares.[4]

It is shocking to discover that every single large corporation, and all colleges in the world (with the possible exception of Dobbstown Community College), have super-secret mind-control departments which cooperate for big money from the Conspiracy in mind-control experiments. If you or someone you know consistently make stupid, horrible, crazy decisions and has ruinous problems, you or they might be guinea pigs in these evil, insidious mind warping tortures. Each year these Silent Radio dupes are being flushed down the economic, social, and mental tubes because they can no longer be trusted. No corporation knows when a person will be selected as a guinea pig, so many people go un-hired or un-promoted because of their electronic hearing handicap. Their bosses think that they talk to walls and hear unknown voices. And who would risk a sizable work force of persons which, on a moment' s notice, might start furiously working for the competitor? The fear of the Government/Conspiracy using one's employees as a group experiment limits who one would promote. It has become a tough, cruel world for our electronic hearing citizens.

All are taught that a person who hears a bodiless voice is automatically insane. As the advancement of the Silent Radio increases, more and more persons are hearing Silent Radio voices, thus explaining the proliferation of apparently insane TV preachers and news anchorpeople.

It is a terrible shame that the media only helps to covers this up "as a national security measure," while they serve us a diet of needless sporting events and contrived international political situations, nontroversies designed to distract even the most brilliant humans into complete and total docility.

It is commonplace to find Silent Radio receivers in dental fillings, eyeglass frames, pencils, and earrings. For group experiments, entire rooms and even buildings are wired to insure communications. Every American, Japanese, German, or Italian automobile has been bugged with Silent Radios which can listen in, as well as transmit their evil messages. Every fast food restaurant has also been wired for the radios. Why do you think they advertise so heavily?

If you or your group is drafted for an experiment, you shall be placed under 24-hour surveillance. There is virtually NO escape from Their influence. Almost all street lights and traffic lights double as infra-red TV cameras specifically designed for surveillance, just like in Orwell's 1984. The TV sets are actually cameras watching and analyzing you, EVEN WHEN TURNED OFF! They hear all, see all, TELL all.

More of our freedoms are being stolen from us, as cover-ups of the Silent Radio, than at any time in history. Not one word of this has ever appeared in print before, even though it is not a national secret. This is another example of the self-censorship of the media, who are in turn satisfying the lusts of the all-powerful Conspiracy.

These evil, cruel, sadistic mind-control experiments demonstrate the total lack of compassion or morality within the Conspiracy. Because of Conspiracy Fear, no single organization will attack the policies or politicians who control these experiments for their own sick, twisted humor (until now). The ACLU claims that they know "NOTHING" about Silent Radio mind-control! The world as we know it is populated by liars and thieves who would rob you of your very soul. The future will be a strange place where all will be(are) mind-controlled by Big Brother/The Conspiracy from birth.

The alternate future belongs to "Bob" and the Church of the SubGenius. Only we can help -- if you have the proper genetic coding.

These are not the ravings of a madman, heed my warning!

Please write your questions and thoughts to Dr. Philo Drummond, Overman First Degree, Second MegaFisTemple Lodge of the Church of the SubGenius, 338 Lakewood, Ballwin, MO. 63011. IF YOU DON'T RECEIVE AN ANSWER, IT'S BECAUSE OF MAIL CENSORSHIP.

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